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Low Carb and Sleeping problems?



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    Saving some carbs for later in the day will help a lot. I drink camomile tea with honey every night around 10pm and it puts me out with great sleep all night. I also take HTP Calm with dinner and I can see a real difference in energy and great sleep after finding magnesium oil spray, I order from Amazon but someone on here said they found it cheaper in drugstores, I spray it behind my knees about midday, rub it in and I swear it's like taking speed, that's why I can't do it at night.


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      Could be a few things, certainly you will wake up if your blood glucose gets low while you sleep because you will secrete cortisol to increase blood glucose. Another option is low magnesium levels. You drink 3 cups of coffee so that's a red flag given that it's a diuretic and will cause a loss of magnesium. This is typically not a problem if your veggie or nut intake is high, and insomnia from a magnesium deficiency is typically accompanied by one or more of the following:

      muscles spasms or cramps
      restless leg syndrome
      heart palpitations
      increased thirst
      frequent urination
      Nervousness or anxiety
      hot flashes or night sweats

      The easiest way to find out if you have a magnesium deficiency is to take magnesium and see what happens. Unless you have kidney issues you will just piss out the excess. If you have kidney disease or issues you should consult your doctor first.


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        A small serving of starchy carbs at dinner should do ya.

        Sweet potatoes are awesome for this. They'll make you good and sleepy and then ZzzZZzzzZZzzzz...

        Or a cup of herbal tea with some honey, maybe 1 teaspoon. Your body is experiencing low blood sugar at night and your adrenals are freaking out.
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