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    Hi. Having read a lot about making sauerkraut, I decided this time to leave the Harsch crock fermenting for longer - not the 4 weeks I've read is optimal, but 3 weeks instead of my usual 10 or so days before bottling the 'kraut and storing i the fridge.

    Well today I opened the crock - no scum or mould or anything, but a much stronger than usual smell, and a pinkish tinge to the cabbage. This could, of course, be due to using pink Himalayan salt. The cabbage is slightly less crunchy than usual - though still crisp. Taste is OK, but again, not as "fresh" and tangy as usual.

    Does 'Kraut kept fermenting for longer usually do this? will it keep OK now refrigerated - or should I chuck it and start again?



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    I'd bet salting, not the type of salt, is your problem.

    I've read that pink kraut is caused by yeast growth which can be from wrong salt levels. Soft kraut is also a symptom of incorrect salt levels. If I was guessing I'd say your salting was probably inconsistent with some patches oversalted and others under salted.

    I had bad luck with a grinder of pink salt when pickling vegetables...I think it was measurement error or maybe inconsistent ground size. Nowadays I just use standard non-iodized salt. It's cheaper and consistent.


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      Just found this

      Fermentation Friday: Sauerkraut Troubleshooting Pickle Me Too

      which would indicate that the pink-ish tinge is due to yeast and is OK! So I'll eat this, start a new lot off and ferment for about 2 weeks again before storing in the fridge.

      Tastes good and salty, so I wouldn't think lack of salt is a problem here...