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  • Omega 3 Fish oil question

    Hello all, I have a question concerning omega - 3 balance. Basically I am looking for discussion on how long regular omega 3 supplementation takes to achieve proper balance. Let's say that someone who eats only processed crap and no supp switches to steak and eggs and 4 fish oil caps a day. how long will it take to get the balance ? and also how long does binging and processed crap and no supp for a week take to recover? (i wish i could say and i didn't do this but i did : ( )

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    How long's your piece of string?

    There is no clear guideline that I'm aware of, but it does take over 3 months to see the blood thinning effects of Omega 3 supplementation, so that may be a guide for someone starting from square 1, but if you have been doing it for a while and just lost it for a week or so, don't think there will be much of a change to your serum levels.

    The bigger consideration in my eyes is cell wall and adipose tissue Omega 3 profile where it may take 4 years or more, before you get O3 levels right depending how bad your O6 intake was in the past and for how long you were that way.

    I think this lag may well be one of the reasons so many individuals get the weight plateaus etc.
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      It depends on everything, your age, your history of eating and medications, etc. Each of us is an individual. But keep in mind that there are many, many factors to balance, not just Omega-3.
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