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Nubee and having a hard time figuring it out

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  • Nubee and having a hard time figuring it out

    I am hoping someone can give a sugestion of where or how to figure out how to get the totals of protein, fat and carbs that I should be eating. I can not find a formula in the book and just seem to be stumbling. I did find out that since I am a 58 year old women, 225 lbs and 5'9" tall that I should be eating 2,237 lb to maintain. From there I am lost and can use a nudge in the right direction.

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    Most of us here get 50-60% (or even more) of our daily calories from fat. So if you're eating 2200 calories a day, half of that is 1100. A gram of fat has 9 calories so 1100 divided by 9 is 122. So 122 grams of fat will make for 50% of your daily calories. As for protein, you should aim for 0.5 to 1 gram per pound of lean body mass. (A gram of protein has 4 calories). The carbs are up to you. Do you want to stay in the higher range - 100-150g daily? (this translates to 400-600 calories daily, because a gram of carbs has 4 calories) Or do you want to go lower to speed up fat loss? It's up to you. Play around with your macros and see what works best for you. Everybody is different.