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    fish oil
    quercetin (for allergies)


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      First, I eat alot of meat and veggies. Veggies as in, all types of greens, brocolli, cauliflower, asparagus, etc. And the occasional fruit. So a varied paleo healthy diet. After a ton of reading, the only thing I still may be lacking is magnesium, fish oils, and vit D. So we take mag malate or glycinate every other day. Fish oil or cod liver oil every other day, maybe every two days and sometimes less often (we eat lot of fish...I fish alot) And Vit D, 10,000 IU's in the winter, and I taper off as the warm weather approaches (I go outside alot). We have lived in the south for a long time.


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        Magnesium-- to prevent hemorrhoids
        bone broth daily
        kefir-- few times a week
        liver-- few times a week
        I'm out in the sun for at least an hour daily

        I used to take fish oil, prescribed by my obgyn during pregnancy and to take during lactation, but I didn't feel any difference so stopped that when I ran out.


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          I take a lot of supplements. When I started PB I really thought I was dying. Also at that time forum members were talking about lots of different supplements they were taking; I thought I needed all of them. I also experiemented with them and read about them to see how they effected my body.

          Now I'm slowly reducing the variety and amount I take (after 4.5 months). I plan to then stay on Mark's Damage Control, Primal Flora, Omega-3's, extra Vit. D3 and Iron (I'm anemic) and the amount of Potassium needed (by trail and error) to stay constipation free.

          The Damage Control is a professional grade for professional athletes. I'm not one. In time, maybe a year or so, I may drop to only the Omega-3 and iron and maybe Potassium.

          I like Paleobird's idea of liver pate (multi-vitamin) and bone-broth (multi-mineral) (all Grass-fed) but she's been doing PB for years.
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            Adding bone broth makes a huge difference to how I feel. My husband was skeptical but even he came around after he started drinking a cup a day.


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              Vit C
              Vit D3
              Vit K
              Vit B12 and B Complex
              Magnesium Citrate
              Potassium Iodine
              L-Theanine (for anxiety)
              Chromium Picolinate (every other day)
              Selenium (once a week)


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                Morning with Breakfast
                Fish oil

                With lunch
                Calcium and Magnesium/D3

                With Dinner
                Fish Oil


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                  I never understood the obsession with using Brazil nuts to supplement selenium. I know you need it, but you can easily get too much to the point that it is poisonous. Besides, all animal products (organs, meat, dairy, eggs) are EXTREMELY rich sources of selenium.

                  I regularly get 300% or more of the RDA for selenium and rarely touch a single Brazil nut.
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                    D3, healthy origins, 5000iu
                    Zinc picolinate, now foods, 50mg
                    Omega 3, jarrow max dha, 500mg dha (first time trying this)
                    Magnesium citrate, now foods, 400mg. Prior to using now foods I had used doctors best sustained release which was very good.


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                      Originally posted by Timthetaco View Post
                      I won't ever take supplements. I feel well enough without them, and I don't want to lie on my death bed wondering if perhaps I took the wrong dose of cod liver oil or some non-essential amino acid that might have allowed me to live a few years longer. I'd take a supplement if I felt an immediate and real benefit, but I'm not going to take them just because maybe, possibly, you know?
                      I'm with you.

                      I don't think human beings are qualified to play micro-manager of nature. We have no clue what should be combined with what in what dose so that it is actually utilized in the way we think it should be. For decades people were taking tons of vitamins and now they say "oops, all that wheat you are eating is absorbing the vitamins so they aren't doing anything". LOL.

                      Just eat real food and get things in the proportions and combinations nature allows.


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                        Fish Oil
                        Mag Citrate during the day, Mag Glycinate at night (I have constipation issues due to surgery)

                        I used to take baby ASA every other day, because I used to smoke and drink and drug.....and I do none of those things now....wonder if I still need that? I have stopped taking it since I went primal.....any thoughts on that anyone?
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