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    Originally posted by JennGlob View Post
    I had a luau for my 40th birthday last summer. I understand needing to look good for it. I was able to lose 9lbs, who knows inches from April to July, that included vacations etc, so no crazy dieting. I just did my regular 5 days a week at gym, sounds similar to your workouts and ate primal most of the time. I only eat a little cheese and grassfed butter, no other dairy. Anyway, the key to looking good for the luau is a good coverup. Mine was a cute dress I'd gotten at the market in the Bahamas the summer before. Still showed off the arms and collarbone, left the thighs to the imagination.
    "left the thighs to the imagination" I like that!!!


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      Second time I've offered this advice today, but here goes: spray tan abs. Find a good spray tan person and have them do an allover color with some light shading around your abs. That and a cute sarong, you are good to go! Wedding planning is stressful enough, don't add this pressure to look perfect to it, you'll go mad. Best Wishes!