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    OK, so for the most part, I've been taking vitamin C, 1000 or 2,000mg time released, Alive Men's Ultra Potency multi (Energy & Endurance: Alive!® Once Daily Men's) and Vitamin SHoppe liquid fish oil. I just found out from my new primary care that I'm low in vitamin D. I'm not "deficient" yet but headed there. Big surprise for me because I try to get outside as much as I can but it has been a long, dank winter here in the mid-atlantic, my bikes have been getting worked on and I haven't been able to afford to ski. So the doc is telling me to get a vitamin D supplement but I'm thinking I'm going to have to do without one of the others to do this. I'm thinking go without the multi until the D is back up. Also, what supplements do most of you take? I've been shocked at looking at a lot of the multis out there where they have you taking 3 or even 8 capsules a day! WTF? Thanks.

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    D3 and cod liver oil are the only supplements I take. You should always take D3 in the winter.


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      I take this Butter/Cod Liver Blend - Green Pasture But likely just for the winter.


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        Vit D3 is not expensive. At all. I pay 19.99 for 100 microlingual tabs at 10,000IU. I take 1 a day, you do the math.
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          D3 is pretty cheap if you don't mind a little soy/corn oil in your vitamins (and I don't for such a small amount). This is one of those rare times I'd choose Walmart for price.

          I think if you eat a varied diet and are healthy, you probably don't need a multi. I take D3 because I'm not fond of sunlight and that eventually catches up with me mood wise. B-complex for energy. Bragg's ACV for overall health but especially skin health; this one is actually a food, but I put a tblsp in a little water and wash down the D3 and B-complex with it.

          ETA: oops, didn't see the post above mine.
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            Here's a good-quality & very inexpensive ($24 for 360 10,000 IU caps) D3 brand that only contains olive oil:
            Healthy Origins, Vitamin D3, 10,000 IU, 360 Softgels -

            Smaller IU doses are also available.


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              I take the same fermented cod liver / butter oil supplement as Neckhammer. I also drink this green powder drink in the am, but mostly as a coffee replacement. I'm not that consistent with ACV, but should use it more. That's about it - one of the things that put me off the Perfect Health Diet was the crazy list of supplements they recommend. It just seems like way too much.


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                Buy a D3 liquid. Its dirt cheap and usually only contains a tiny bit of oil. I use Life Extension brand.

                Your multi is probably worthless so i suggest dropping it. Almost all multis use inferior vitamin and mineral sources along with a lot of binders so most does not even get absorbed. You could dump the vit c as well and just eat some fruit and veg.


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                  Thanks all. He's told me to start taking 2 1,000IU pills 2X a day and asked that I use these:

                  I asked about the higher dosages and was told I could use the 2,000IUs if I want but I guess they want to be able to ramp down the dosage as necessary:


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                    I've found that often the cheaper brands do not deliver the same, or nearly as good a result. For example, I've tried about 8 different kinds of Fish Oil for Omega-3's and they all upset my stomach. Mark's Ultimate Omega-3 is the only one that works for me. I've learned to read the ingredients and sources very carefullly.

                    If you stop taking a multi and take only D3, be sure to have your next blood test in 1 month, then go back to a multi. Most vitamins and minerals require a whole environment of other vitamins and minerals in order to be absorbed and useful. If they're not being absorbed it's a total waste of money.
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                      Magnesium supplementation along with Vit. D3 is a very wise thing to do also.
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                        Taking vitamin C is pretty useless IMO. It's so easy to get it through food.
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