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Anybody looking for Pure Coconut oil in London

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  • Anybody looking for Pure Coconut oil in London

    Quick intro - I am Varsha, I have been following the blog for quite sometime. In short, this is the best nutrition/diet blog I have ever come across.

    I have seen many posts with people asking for good, pure coconut oil sources in UK/London. Just want to check if there are any takers for some good affordable Coconut oil?

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    Affordable good coconut oil? Is there such a thing? Could it get as far as Scotland?


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      well affordable when compared to what it is priced @ H&B lets say. I don't want to convert this post into a marketing or advert campaign, my intention is only to see if there are good number of people looking for it before I try to import it in bulk.

      I am sourcing it for my personal use from SriLanka. I guess if there were ever coconut trees in Scotland, they would be full or Single malt instead...


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        I'd be interested, depending on price and quantities that I'd have to buy...