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Got my cholesterol numbers in. Lots of questions

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  • Got my cholesterol numbers in. Lots of questions

    Well, I am really confused here. Let me start out with the fact that the last 6 months I have been doing P90X and following the CW diet of high carb, low fat way. I lost over 50lbs and feel amazing. I've been reluctant to get my bloodwork done because I am afraid of what will happen.

    Last November I had a full lipid panel and glucose run. Here is what I was told last week:

    July 2009 14 hour fast

    Total 203

    Triglicerides: 90

    HDL: 66

    LDL: 119

    Ok, so they told me I was ok, and no to take any meds because of it. YAY. They told me to take Lipitor because of these numbers:

    November 2007

    Total: 207

    Triglicerides: 210

    HDL: 62

    LDL: 103

    Scratching my head here. I dig up some info from an old blog post from 2006. Here are those numbers:

    June 2006

    Total: 196

    Triglicerides: 123

    HDL: 38

    LDL: 138

    Ok, there is a roller-coaster here. I am confused. I know that jan of 2009 until July I've been the most active I've ever been. Good. I also know that the low fat low protein high carb diet of the CW approach may have something to do with this. Understood. But the last month I've given up grains completely. I buy all organic, I do not eat anything packaged. I buy meat from local farmers that "get it" and don't use corn or hormones.

    I am giving the PB a try. We are eating lots of real fats from organic sources. Whole eggs.

    Is this working? Does this type of thing take time?

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    Dr. Eades has lots of info on how to really interpret these non-medical glance, you HDL's are up...tri's are down a ton...this test doesn't tell you what kind of LDLs, VLDLs versus the big puffy one's that are not a concern...


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      First and most important, you must measure your LDL directly, and not with your HDL and Triglycerides. Dr Eades rips this issue apart in a blog post:

      Because of your low Trigs the LDL measurement will come out wrong. Richard Nikoley from Free the Animal measured his LDL directly, and it turned out to be a whopping 38 points below his blood test results.