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    Originally posted by PrimalStudent View Post
    Is it because the science has changed? Or are people just realizing they can lose/maintain just fine, even while eating starch and fruit every day? Just curious what everyone thinks.
    Yes science has been changing day by day for some of years.


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      I thought of something regarding this last night (when I should have been sleeping )

      I think when new ideas first come out, there are a lot of people saying, "oh, this is interesting," and few have yet interacted with it enough to say, "wait a minute--I think otherwise." But over time, the people who are not inclined to agree get their thoughts together, find a good place to write about it, and begin publicizing their own reasoning. So after awhile, it looks like more people are disagreeing.

      But in fact, it's just that those who disagree are more involved in telling everyone what they think.

      However, in many cases, it doesn't actually affect the validity of the new idea. It's mostly an expression of the old ideas about the topic. It may well be that there are thing the "new idea" thinker has not thought about yet. Or it might be that they are the same things the "new idea" thinker has already rejected. But it doesn't mean there is "more" resistance, just that the resistance is better organized.


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        Originally posted by spuggygirl View Post
        I think people are just realising that everyone is different and looking for what works for them.

        The only thing we need now is for people (some) to stop lambasting everyone who doesn't agree with their own personal dogma, and we'd have perfect harmony! By all means lets give others the benefit of our own personal experience, but if something has worked for one person it doesn't necessarily make it the law. For me, that's the big change in the relatively short time I've been here - lots more arguing and in some cases mean spiritedness (if that's a word). It's a shame really as in the end we all kind of agree on the same principles, albeit with variation based on our own personal needs. I can't help but think it must be offputting for those who have recently arrived on the forum and are new to the primal lifestyle.
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          Maybe it depends on what the goal is and on how great the motivation. There are many different goals represented here. Most common seems to be loosing weight, so if one achieves that, or gets close, then they wander off into other foods.

          For some the goal is athletic ability, agility, or weight being lifted. These people eat a lot more in volume and need higher carb ratios.

          If they have current diseases treated by meds, and continue those meds, then they don't need to stick as closely to PB to feel OK (not great, just OK).

          Fortunately Mark is flexible and can accomodate many goals. Health is my goal, I really thought I was dying so my motivation was very high, and still is. I'm a strick PBer.

          One view I'm beginning to appreciate is that of chronic vs traumatic disease. Our USDA, FDA, NIH, CDC, etc. are geared only for traumatic diseases. They pay no attention to ingredients or chemicals that have only chronic effects. Most all of our SAD foods have chronic effects that show up only after a 20 year period of time, at least in all but the most recent generation. (This latest generation, now 20) have been eating this SAD food all their lives and we are seeing horrible results (obesity, diabetes, etc.). The chronic effects mean that many people think they're healthy after a short time on PB when really they haven't yet seen the whole panoply of medical problems being caused.

          For example, I didn't know that a gastrointestional doctor was a surgeon. (Surgeons are not Doctors in my book, these are 2 different things.) I find this appalling. My G.I. Doctor is very aware of the inflamation in his patients but does not even try to treat it untill it's serious enough to be labeled as a disease (chronic). Then he just tracks it and prescribes fiber, (and maybe a laxative), until it becomes cancer, then he cuts it out, usually with at least 1/2 the bowel. Isn't that wonderful. But other doctors are just as bad, they treat with drugs instead of knives. Ughhhhhh!
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