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Why I think it's ignorant to slam Primal

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  • Why I think it's ignorant to slam Primal

    For those who came to the forum with an agenda, or came and never read any of the valuable information you can find by clicking on the Start Here button, I give you:

    A Primal Blueprint Sample Menu | Mark's Daily Apple

    If you actually think it might be worth reading, you'll see a logical, well-rounded approach to daily food. There are eggs, veggies, fats, meat, fruits, some nuts, and even a glass of wine. It's a bit over 2500 calories and the carb grams are 115. The calories from fats are 55% of the total calories for the day.

    There is nothing radical here unless you are so ingrained by CW that you really can't imagine living without a group of foods that is so cheap, that the original reason for its mass production was tied to feeding poor people, and later to feeding livestock. And even if you can't imagine it, there's the whole 80/20 thing, so you could theoretically eat non-primal foods for a fifth of your food intake and still be better off.

    So, when you come to the forums, and you read about potato hacks, 70%+ calories from fat, VLC or HFVLC, putting 400 calories of butter into morning coffee, eating bacon 7-21 times a week, etc., you are reading different spins that others have put on the blueprint to fit their lives at that moment in time. People are searching for a way to not live on pizza and soda, and to be happy and healthy. But Mark's sample Primal menu shows a pretty moderate way of eating in a healthful manner.

    So, while I'm not saying that no one should post dissenting opinions, I do think that to come into this forum and slam protein, fat, meat, organic veggies, etc., while promoting sugar, soda, and any other garbage that has turned the Americas and Europe into a bunch of tv watching blimps is pretty ignorant.

    Just sayin'.

    Oh, and in case you want to see what a big bad meat eater Mark is, here's a video about his BAS. 2 Minute Salad | Mark's Daily Apple
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    Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.

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    Kind of looks much like my daily intake,
    But I tend to do 20/4 IF so most of it goes down in 4 +/- hours in the evening, sometiomes I will snack on some nuts and fruit in the afternoon if I am doing a bit of work.

    I do find some of the dissenting views irritating at times, but am wary of just hanging out with like minded people too much as there is very little new knowledge. Sometimes it is good to have your belief's challenged for a reality check, you can usually pick a troll quite easily and respond accordingly.

    I just choose the posts I want to respond to and sometimes do a bit of a search to expand my awareness.

    I do find though that Mark's 80:20 rule seems to be abused a bit and if people did a calc it may often be over the 20%, I try to do the 80% at home and use the 20% for social lubrication where choices are limited, but remain fairly rigid on the grains issue.
    Mark's approach is fairly commercial as he seems to try to appeal to a wider demographic, there are both pro's and con's to this approach, so I am ok with that.

    I do like to see a troll go down on the spit occassionally, so let's not forget the entertainment value of dissenting views as well.
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