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Best Supplements / Nutrition for Adrienals & Stress

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  • Best Supplements / Nutrition for Adrienals & Stress


    I have stage 3 adrenal fatique and REALLY struggle to cope with even small levels of stress. I was wondering what the top nutrition supplement for adrenal health was.



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    Hi Steve,

    You might check out a book called Adrenal Fatigue by James Wilson. I have used his stuff with clients and it has worked very well for the ones that stick with it. He has a list of recommended adrenal support supplements listed in the book as well. Anyway, great reference.



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      Gaia Herbs Adrenal Support is really good. Also, make sure you are getting a good B vitamin supplement and extra C & E. Helped me tremendously. I also was helped from laying off of the caffeine and cutting down on alcohol. Moderate carbs is best for me. LC or VLC is a disaster. I just started back on primal about a month ago and I'm still eating some white potatoes, rice in strict moderation, and a lot of sweet potatoes.
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          I've been dealing with adrenal fatigue on and off for a few years now. Dr. James Wilson's book was a really great start. I've moved away from his supplements, as I think there are better quality supplements for the same price. I've recently moved to Professional Herb's Adrenal Complex and it is, by far, the best supplement I've tried. It contains a very small amount of DHEA which I think is THE reason this works so well for me. It is only available through a healthcare provider.

          Acupuncture is REALLY helpful for me too but I have to have additional support form supplements and herbs.

          I tried Gaia Herbs because they are really good quality. Unfortunately, they weren't enough for me.