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    Well......most of you probably already know this......but I'm going to post anyway...

    Today my Gold Package Autoship arrived.

    I had done my sums. By the time I bought the best supplement on the market here (filled with rubbish so I dont buy it) and my vitamins and probiotics the price was going to be the same so I decided to try Marks package.

    I just tried my first Vanilla Coconut creme shake

    Wow Wow Wow

    So now I have to wait and see if my stupid sensitive stomach will be ok with it and whether I feel the vitamins make a difference....which I am sure they will.

    So if anyone out there is contemplating purchasing Marks supplements......Wow is all I can say !!

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    Wow is all i can say to the price tag! Sorry but his supplements are some of the most overpriced stuff on the market and his protein powder is pretty low quality.

    Multivitamin - $130 a month, 4$ a day?!?!?! I dont care how pure or complete it is, no multi is worth that. Most multi's dont even get digested properly so chances are you are just pissing that money down the toilet. You can also get a cheaper version for only a little less then $2 a day.

    Primal fuel - $70, roughly 8g protein for $1, the rest is filler. Seriously he put guar gum, inulin, sucrose and maltodextrin in it and the powder is only a non grassfed whey isolate. You could get a pure isolate from at a fraction of the price or a grassfed whey for roughly the same price.

    Primal flora, a buck a day.. only three strains, uses magnesium stearate, in fact all his pills do.

    Omegas, weak. Way better options out there.

    Primal calm... wtf.

    Vit D, hes selling 60 of 2000iu caps for $10, i can buy a liquid emulsion that has 1000 drops at 2000iu for $20!!

    I will probably get banned for writing this but i had to say it. I think its downright ridiculous for a huge proponent of a paleo lifestyle to sell so many supplements and try to rip people off in the process. If they were top quality or a decent price point, i would not care, but this seems pretty shady.


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      Well I will be interested to see how I go on them.

      I have heaps of isses with my insides and a lot of the supplements have emulsifiers in them which Mark's doesnt. If I dont react it may be the only shake on the market I can have.


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        Why not just eat real food?

        Not that i care where you spend your money, just wondering.


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          I agree, the Primal Fuel is awesome! (But at that price I can get a comparable protein in a huge quantity)

          Why not eat real food? Well, I do, but I love smoothies, and when I'm in a huge rush in the morning a couple scoops of protein thrown into my fruit and almond milk smoothie is super satisfying until I can get to a real lunch.


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            Why not just throw one true raw free range egg into the smoothie, plenty of protein and O3 to boot?
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              Yes, I buy Mark's also and they're great, he makes the only Omega-3 supplement I can hack. The Damage Control multivitamin is also multimineral and multiantioxident and when you add all that up and compare with very pure high grade competitors it's not more expensive.
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                Originally posted by Omni View Post
                Why not just throw one true raw free range egg into the smoothie, plenty of protein and O3 to boot?
                Can't stomach raw eggs


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                  I also find it unsettling that a paleo pioneer like Mark sells supplements. When I hear the word primal and primal foods I think its synonymous with whole foods found in their natural state. Supplements seem contradictory. I would always opt for the whole food because of the bioavailability and synergistic factors. I am not saying that I never have had a protein shake in a pinch but I do find his supplements to be overpriced.
                  "If man made it, don't eat it" - Jack Lallane

                  People say I am on a "crazy" diet. What is so crazy about eating veggies, fruits, seafood and organ meats? Just because I don't eat whole wheat and processed food doesn't make my diet "crazy". Maybe everyone else with a SAD are the "crazy" ones for putting that junk in their system.


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                    I'm suspect on antioxidant containing supplements. Some of the have shown to be not only useless, but actually harmful. The synergy in which nutrients in foods work isn't fully understood. And $4 a day? I could almost supply my whole days worth of food with that money.


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                      Mark's supplements kept me skeptical when I first found the site (and really, still keep me skeptical). My first clue was reading a "dairy is meh" style post, then making my way to his store where he sells...whey protein - dairy.



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                        If you want to go the protein shake and vitamin route, you're better off checking out Rainbow Light food-based multi's and Sun Warrior Warrior Blend. Both are cheaper and more natural. Although eating real food is your best bang for buck.
                        --Trish (Bork)
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                          Oh, almost certainly with the real food. I'll admit though, affording protein (that isn't hot dogs...that's kinda like protein right?) can be tough some times. Still an intern and whatnot.

                          I think what I am going to do is buy the plain protein powders mentioned above and simply make my own blends (that could be really fun). I will, however, check out the two you mentioned (that Warrior one sounds pretty neat judging by the name).

                          Has Mark released an official statement regarding his supplement line? I know he doesn't have to answer to us, but I'd like to see anything he's said.

                          I knew the man who ran my local GNC. Big time BMXer and whatnot. He mentioned to me once when I questioned the "snake oil" on the shelves that to stay in business to sell the "real" stuff, you're pretty much stuck pushing the "less real" stuff. If that makes sense. I certainly have experienced that in my other business ventures.



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                            When Mark first came out with his whey he caught a ton of shit for the pricetag and he ended up dropping the price a bit and saying its only high because hes sourcing the best ingrediants, blah blah. Honestly i think he knows he wont sell all that much and the people that will buy his stuff will basically pay any price so he puts a big pricetag and just lets his true followers pay up.


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                              Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
                              If you want to go the protein shake and vitamin route, you're better off checking out Rainbow Light food-based multi's and Sun Warrior Warrior Blend. Both are cheaper and more natural. Although eating real food is your best bang for buck.
                              Wait... thats a vegan powder isn't it? I don't like that. I mean if your gonna bother supplementing protein it should be whey IMO. There are at least studies backing it for improved immune function and muscle synthesis.