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itching and barely sweating

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  • itching and barely sweating

    i have a problem where whenever it gets hot outside, or im doing sports or anything like that, my skin starts to itch real bad and it gets red and i barely sweat.
    i assume my body has a problem sweating and cooling himself when my body temp gets high but i wonder if anyone has/had that problem and what is the treatment.

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    I used to have this issue, but it was confined to my scalp, not my whole body. It used to happen a lot when I was a teenager when I had normal length hair. At one point I decided to shave my head because I hated having hair anyway and since then it seemed to stop. I don't know what to make of it, though.
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      Have you heard of a rare syndrome known as Jogenson's syndrome?

      It is an autoimmune syndrome that affects the "liquid secreting" glands of the body. Individuals who have it may manifest any of the following:

      -Swollen salivary glands and difficulty producing saliva
      -Difficulty in producing tears and resultant dry eyes on a regular basis
      -Lack of sweat forming on all or some areas of the body - sometimes accompanied by odd dermatological symptoms

      For some people, they manifest all of the symptoms described here, but most people do not. Most people who have it develop only one or two of the symptoms. It can be very serious for some (lack of ability to sweat increases risk of overheating), in others, it can be very minor (swollen salivary glands, while annoying, are rarely life-threatening).

      I am not suggesting you have it, but it is a slight possibility. I will not tell you to rule out other causes though. It is a relatively rare syndrome to have.

      And by the way, I know about this syndrome because I have had a swollen salivary gland off and on for years now and an ENT I saw about it said this could be a likely cause.

      There is no treatment unfortunately, the only thing you can do, as I understand it, is adapt your lifestyle to mitigate the worst of your symptoms.
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        Have you been like that all your life? Or it could be an iodine deficiency... and/or sign of hypothyroidism.
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          it hasnt been that way all my life.
          but it did for the past few years


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            I started taking a gnc pre-workout supplement, and with BCAA's and taurine etc. (but no caffeine) and it made me itch like crazy once I started sweating. If my scalp started to sweat it itched, when my back started to sweat, it itched, and this continued until I was covered with itching sweaty skin. I have since stopped taking it, but I read somewhere that Arginine can have that effect on some people, so you might want to look at your supplements if you're taking any.


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              Did you have chicken pox as a child? If so the treatment is diluted oregano oil applied externally and/or taken internally (must get the type meant to be taken internally).
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                Originally posted by saarx1 View Post
                it hasnt been that way all my life.
                but it did for the past few years
                So you did sweat normally, didn't get the pinkish skin and no itching a few years ago?

                What were the things that changed for you?
                How was your health and diet then?
                Did you have a stressful event that may have precipitated an underlying condition?

                Your body seems to be doing the right stuff in trying to cool down like dilating capillaries on skin surface, hence pinkish tone, but there seems to be some failure in the pores opening properly to allow sweat to release.

                Did you have a cleanliness obsession? There is also colonies of bacteria all over our skin surface and if we disturb this equilibrium, by excessive washing, chemicals etc. then this allows unfavourable bacteria to colonise our skin surface and it may well be that you have a low grade bacterial infection in your pores.

                It may also be hormonal imbalances, likely going to be an extended journey, so good diet and healthy behaviours will at least give you a firm grounding to try to regain health. Have you tracked your basal body temp at all to see if there are any clues there?

                Just a quick discussion on this link, sounds similar to your problem, may give you some clues:
                Heat Intolerance with NO sweating - pls help
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