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Dilution is the solution to pollution... Or is it?

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  • Dilution is the solution to pollution... Or is it?

    Water is one of the most controversial elements in the health world. Sure we are 70%~ water or whatever, sure we need to eat or drink some form of liquid to survive, yes the climate will have a big impact on these factors. That still doesnt tell us anything really on how much we should be drinking. You get the crazy extremes on one side saying 8, 8oz glasses, all the way up to a gallon a day! Peeing clear 8-12 times a day,etc. Few others will say that peeing clear is a sign of the forst signs of water intoxication and that drinking any excess water with disturb mineral balances.

    So what do you all think? How much liquid do you feel best on? Any thoughts to the water clears toxins or disturbs mineral balance arguments?

    Personally i get irritated having to pee often so i usually only drink when im really thirsty and usually not much water at all. When i pee, its always yellow. Some would say that im dehydrated, but im not so sure.

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    I've been told mostly that yellow is fine, but DARK yellow is a sign of dehydration, with clear being over hydration. My personal comfort level is around 64 oz, at a guess. I drink a 27 oz bottle of water at work, with a few glasses at home in the morning & evening, as needed to take supplements.

    I don't know about mineral balances. I do know you can flush your system too much, but I feel like you'd have to be obsessive or go really overboard to manage that. Drinking a lot of water is just not comfortable. No more than 64 oz is good for me to go maybe around times a day (never getting to a point of "need to go now!").
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      I drink coffee at work and milk with meals/after workouts. I can't stand plain water and you will probably never see me carrying a water bottle. I do not appear to be dead yet, but I'll keep you posted


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        I enjoy drinking water. It's very easy to forget to drink and not understand the signals that you need to drink. I think when you get to a thirsty parched stage you have probably waited to long to hydrate. I used to be very bad when busy on 13+ hour shifts, get to the end and realised I only pee'd once the whole day (in the morning before work). It's just about finding your own balance, ie drinking enough to keep hydrated (light yellow pee) and not too much that you are running to the loo every 30 mins. It has taken me a while to get it right and if work is busy I still get forget to drink, about 4-5 pints is what I need. Sipping throughout the day rather than guzzling large volumes is better too. Just my opinion.


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          Ruth, thats a good point about sipping throughout the day instead of slamming a liter every few hours. I think its Paul Chek who says you should chew your water and drink you food. Meaning that water should be mixed well with saliva and warmed up.

          I think its probably bes to have a little color to your pee, peeing clear constantly just seems like your body is trying to get rid of excess water. Its strange how many "experts" recommend this though.

          Side note, another reason i avoid water is how many chemicals are in it. If i could get some pure spring water or something i probably would be more eager to drink some. At least when you drink fresh juice or milk you get a good filter.


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            In the book "Fiber Menace" the author details the history of the fiber-water medical theory. This started as an "old wives tale" that 'roughage' was needed to combat gas and buld a good stool and that water was needed to make the stool soft and combat constipation. He details quite a lenghty history of this theory. Then he proceeds to destroy it.

            As this book has helped me quite a lot, I believe what he says. One of which is that we only need water when we are thirsty.

            I was amazed when I visited the Aswan Dam in Egypt. It was astoundingly hot and dry. My friend and I were drinking 1/2 gallon of water an hour all day, each. And we did not pee all day. We were just evaporating the water off. Both the amount of water we drank and the fact that the Egyptians did not drink water amazed me. They must drink at meals but I never saw any of them drinking water otherwise. And Egyptians have beautiful skin, much better as a whole than ours. In restaurants they drank tea but not in large quantities.
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              Your body already knows how much you should be drinking..

              I think that nobody should overcomplicate these things.

              Just drink water when you are thirsty
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                Originally posted by Marinas Florin View Post
                Your body already knows how much you should be drinking..

                I think that nobody should overcomplicate these things.

                Just drink water when you are thirsty
                Common sense is not yet dead. Good to know.


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                  I have a 64 oz drinking jug that I fill twice a day. I drink the first one throughout the day at work then the second at home. Some days I only get through half of the second one and I don't sweat that. My pee has never been completely clear. I drink that much because I get thirsty. If I have an extra strenuous day (hiking or out in the field for work) I drink even more. 3-4 cups of coffee a day is my other fluid intake besides food. I feel better and get less puffy feeling when I drink plenty of water.


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                    It's an individual thing I think. Unless I'm dehydrated it's usually light lime-yellow, and when I'm very hydrated it's clear.
                    There's no way I drink 8 glasses a day.
                    The only time I ever had a problem with mineral imbalances is when I was spending a lot of time outside in the summer heat for a job, and was sweating a lot without, at least at first, replacing salt.

                    People obsess about water way too much.


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                      First pee of the day, like liquid amber, good flow and volume.
                      A couple of coffees later and it's pale yellow and less volume.
                      I usually have a glass of water or two during the day unless working in the heat, then a litre or two as I go, don't pee much as it's all gone in sweat.
                      Some time after dinner usually get a bit thirsty so have a glass and that's it.
                      I did used to drink and pee a lot more before primal, i.e. getting up in the middle of the night for both.

                      I don't think there is any problem in drinking water fast, ideally if it is close to body temp, chilled water should be sipped to warm it up first, don't think there was time at the waterhole to lounge and sip water ancestrally, you got in, drank and got out.

                      Interesting point about the Fibre Menace,
                      Firstly you were told to eat shredded agricultural waste cellulose, then told to drink lots of water so it wouldn't shred your insides.
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                        I don't track or measure, but I keep a 27 oz water bottle with me at work because I get thirsty and I like to drink (normal, unflavored) water over pretty much anything else. It gets refilled multiple times a day.

                        I live in SoFL, so it's pretty much always hot. I find when I go to England, I drink much less than usual, but that could be from the break in habit and routine as well as the temperature/humidity difference.