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Primal Eating .... At first I felt GREAT ... but now .... :(

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    I'm not sure how much fat I'm eating - a good amount. Cream in my coffee, red meat, skin on my chicken, coconut oil on my veggies. I'll try upping fat too to see how I feel. At this point, I don't care that much about breaking my plateau/losing weight as I do about feeling energized and good to live my life. Upping carbs scares me because I am an apple shape already with insulin resistance but i think if I keep it under 100grams a day I'll be okay.


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      My experience...I started out feeling good also. I went low carb about 6 weeks ago. About 50-80 carbs a day. Went several days in a row closer to 50. Then tried 16/8 IF. I began to feel really bad. Cold hands feet, low body temp. VERY sleepy after breakfast and lunch. I would be exhausted by 7-8pm sleep hard until the magical hour of 2 am. Then be wide awake unable to go back to sleep. And I take ambien. Brain fog also set in. My heart rate has dropped from mid 80's to low 50's. My work outs began to suffer. Moderately heavy weights 2x-a week. Maybe a HIIT once a week. Otherwise I am sedentary. I put on 3 pounds in the last two weeks and have gained an inch on my waste. I have not had a calorie increase. I average 1600-1800 a day. I am 5'8 was 132 pounds. ( I do count calories via fitness pal. I have been changing my lifestyle since last August. I went from 145 down to the 132.) my goal was to lose the skinny fat I have. Spare tire, but thin everywhere else.

      All that is to say I started to show hypothyroid symptoms where I have never been hypo before. As soon as I upped my carbs to 100-125 I have noticed a HUGE improvement. I thought all of this was just a bad case of the carb flu. I did track my post meal blood sugars the highest after a carb meal (rice) was 114 at 1.5 hours post meal. I did a all protein breakfast (the leptin reset suggestions) and my post blood sugar was 90. Bottom line not enough glucose for me.

      I am now switching to the PHD routine. I think for some people (me being one) there is a balance between fat loss and hibernation mode. Some can handle the VLC path, some not so much.


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        Oh..I wanted to add..I eat about 50-60% fat.


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          Originally posted by mandypandy2246 View Post
          I'm scared to up the calories or carbs because I am not losing weight - but I will try. Actually I did start adding in more healthy carbs this week in an attempt to feel better (more berries, sweet potatoes etc than usual). I have not been calorie counting - but maybe I should start?
          Absolutely. You are eating plenty of food here, probably 3 times as much as much as I do. And you're eating a fair amount of carbs, too.

          Breakfast: four homemade beef and pork meatballs made with almond flour, grass fed beef, and hot italian sausage with no "weird" additives or sugar added. 1/2 large avocado, 1/2-1cup 2% or full fat greek yogurt.

          Lunch: 2 full fat chicken thighs cooked in a curry sauce made from curry powder and full fat coconut milk, carrots and cauliflower. Served with about half a sweet potato.

          Snack: Hunk of Brie cheese (sometimes with an apple - not if I had a sweet potato earlier though)

          Dinner: Grass Fed Steak with brussel sprouts cooked in coconut oil or steamed greens mixed with grass fed butter.

          And sometimes one more snack of berries and cream with stevia as a treat. Or eggs.


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            I am starting my 4th week of primal eating. Have been exhausted the past week as well. I may be fighting illness as I do have a red/sore throat. Anyway, I am hoping my energy levels return- I felt great the first few weeks. I will be interested to hear how you are doing.

            This is what I typically eat:
            egg fried in coconut oil (or today I had strawberry/kefir smoothie)

            I have not tracked my foods at all, but maybe I should. Then again, maybe I ajust suffering sinusitis or seasonal allergies.

            leftover green veggies

            spring mix salad w/ chicken breast, or hard boiled eggs- 2
            fruit- tangerine or berries (or today chicken breast, w/ leftover swiss chard)

            occasional snacks of dark choco, maybe a few almonds, bone broth 2x per day, peppermint tea

            dinner- grass fed beef or lean chicken or fish, green veggie- cooked in butter or coconut oil, starchy veg such as squash or sweet potatoes


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              Everyones body reacts differently to different eating structures. Its such a struggle to find the balance that works perfect for you in terms of feeling good, losing weight or just maintaining if thats what someone is after. Most people give up before finding the eating plan thats the best for them and just go back to what they knew before. Stick with it and keep playing with your intake percentages until you find what works for you. I've found that it takes several days before I notice a difference when I change my diet. Eating strictly paleo is when I feel the best (ie: no gluten, no dairy, no legumes, all whole non-processed foods and sugar only from fruit and sweet potatoes) probably a 50/30/20 split for intake, but I only maintain with those levels. When I do 70/20/10 split, I lose weight and I still feel good enough on that but can't workout hard or I get tired.
              If i sneak in even a little bit of dairy, gluten or processed sugar, I feel like crap for a couple of days.
              So stick with it, you've already won the battle by recognizing the need for a better diet, now its just a matter of finding out what works best for you and your body.


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                Originally posted by mandypandy2246 View Post
                Okay, blood work came out fine although she only ran the TSH for thyroid.

                So now what? Maybe I'm eating too much? and not enough carbs? I really want to break through this plauteau and also feel better!
                Test your T3/T4, rT3, carbon dioxide, adrenaline and serotonin. You may have low T3, low CO2 and high adrenaline/serotonin. Estrogen may be a good test as well. You may be high.
                Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.


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                  OH YEA! I forgot...

                  If you have low body temp and you're sluggish, it is likely thyroid or adrenal related. I strongly recommend you try these two supplements. They're dirt cheap as well.

                  Country Life Norwegian Kelp -- 225 mcg - 300 Tablets - Vitacost
                  Natural Sources Raw Thyroid -- 60 Tablets - Vitacost
                  Natural Sources Raw Adrenal -- 60 Capsules - Vitacost

                  Take 1 raw adrenal, 1 raw thyroid and 6 kelp tabs a day and tell me how you feel after one week. Take with food.

                  The two supplements are made out the adrenal and thyroid tissues of cows. Basically the theory is that consuming the adrenal and thyroid glands of an animal will help boost our own adrenal and thyroid glands. There are some other goodies in there as well.

                  The purpose of the kelp is to get a natural, whole-foods source of iodine in your diet. I'm willing to guess this may be the best $25 you've ever spent.
                  Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.


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                    Where do I find info on the PHD routine?


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                      Try cutting out the dairy. 1 cup of yogurt, a hunk of cheese, and cream daily is a pretty fair amount. Butter is fine. I would also consider replacing the sausage with something else. This is just my personal experience, but I've found that most dairy and processed meats have a unique ability to make me feel really fatigued really quick.

                      Do you eat any cacao or drink coffee? Both are notorious for being able to burn out the adrenals. If you do consume either, consider cutting them out or at least reducing your intake.


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                        I am also under chronic stress . I am sure that is helping nothing. I've heard some supplements can help. Like Rhodioloa? Any thoughts? I will try cutting out dairy and the sausage. Is ground pork where I add my own seasonings okay?


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                          Originally posted by mandypandy2246 View Post
                          Is ground pork where I add my own seasonings okay?
                          That would give you control over the contents.