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  • Different Kinds of Down Days

    My Down Days are falling into some distinct patterns, and I thought I would list them here for anyone who is interested.

    No-Calorie: I have only water, lemon water, or tea. No cream in it, either!

    All-Liquid: Water, probiotic drinks(just the low-calorie ones- 5 or 10K per cup), tea or coffee with cream, and maybe a green smoothie, but usually just at the end of the day, so I don't set off any carb-cravings. I have thought about adding a light vegetable and broth soup to this line-up, when the weather gets cooler.

    High-Fat: I eat small amounts of liverwurst and brie throughout the day. Sometimes some pork rinds with sour cream when I want some crunch.

    High-Protein: Salmon fillet with a tsp of homemade mayo on it. Small spinach salad with 1 slice of bacon and 1 hard-boiled egg.

    Hanging-On: Sometimes you just want to shove food in your face. I eat A LOT of vegetables, and stretch Dr. Johnson's calorie limits to the brink. (He says some people have found success while keeping their Down Day limits to 30%- for me, 690K.) I do NOT try to restrict my Up Day the next day- I eat whatever. But I DO usually have an All-Liquid or No-Calorie Down Day the next time, just because that is what feels right.

    When I was starting ADF, I would stick with one type of Down Day, until I got sick of it, then look for a new 'answer'. Now I'm at the point where I like to rotate through them. I'm finding in particular that I like to have a No-Calorie or All-Liquid Down Day every second or third time. It just feels like I am giving my body a nice rest.

    Can't remember if I have given a weight update here recently, so here it is. I started ADF on March 5th, 2013, at 202.0 pounds. Yesterday morning(post-Up Day) I was 174.5. I have had to get rid of most of my clothes, as they were just too baggy. I am past my half-way point(202-178-154)! I am planning to do a practice maintenance when I get to 166.

    Hope y'all are doing well.
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    • Congrats Sabine on the loss! how long have you been ADFing? I found myself buying a bunch of new pants this month because it looks like I have a saggy bottom in all of them now.

      I was thinking about all of you because I saw there is a Groupon for grass-fed lamb meat (the farm is in Texas) & they ship if anyone has a lamb craving.

      Still coasting at 156 lbs despite eating a near record of over 4,500 calories at the Bite of Seattle. I know, I know, gross. It was also very not primal. Fasting today until a friend's BBQ party. Going to say no to burger and hot dog buns this time!
      Blogging my weight loss experiment using alternate day fasting here:

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      • Is anyone here doing four down days in a row, and then three up days? This might work better for me--wondering if someone else out here has tried this, and have lost weight?


        • Hey guys, I've been giving this a go and I have a couple of question, and I can't look at the grinning face trying to sell me pills on the JUDDD site anymore than to read the first page

          So I thought I would try this, did well the first week, and not so well last week, lots of stress with trying to sell the house and not sleeping as the little one kept me up a lot of nights (been hot here in the UK and we don't have AC so it's hard to get the bedroom cool at night)

          My plan was to eat on work out days and fast on rest days.

          How does everyone else find combining this with excersise?

          I do 2 bodyweight work outs a week and one sprint/HIT type work out.
          My week is supposed to look like this;

          Monday: Fast
          Tuesday: Bodyweight workout + EAT
          Wednesday: Eat
          Tursday: Fast
          Friday: Bodyweight workout + EAT
          Saturday: Fast
          Sunday: Sprints and EAT

          I do my work-outs fasted in the morning then start eating. I either do PBF with added overhead press, takes me about 45 mins to an hour with stretching and warm up, or the 666 bodyweight routine, sprints tend to be untimed full out runs repeated up to 10 times, and I might add in some vaults or burpees or higher rep body weight stuff like Austrailan pull-ups or elevated push-ups, anything I can do to failure in a short period of time really.

          I also walk quite a lot, but don't count that as working out, it's just part of life.

          I'm also finding that I'm not that hungry on work-out days, but end up being hungrier on fast days as a result.

          Would it be better to lower work out intesisty till I'm used to this WOE? Or just pile in food on work-out days to make sure I'm re-fed and ready for the next day?

          Extra info, I'm not really restricting carbs while doing this, but don't really eat much as a source of carbs, lots of veggies, some sweet potatoes, a bit of fruit but not loads. I'm trying to stick to a couple of coffees with heavy cream, or a bullet proof coffee, some bone broth and maybe a small snack in the eveningon fast days (not true fasting I know but it's still major calorie restriction for me)

          You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


          • I've got no personal info for you, Rob, since I don't exercise.

            But my Honey, who is also doing ADF, DOES exercise. Biking to and from work, and mountain biking on the weekends, and a very heavy weight workout mid-week.

            He did not change his weight workout when he started ADF, and found that on Down Days he couldn't lift quite as much, but that was it. No extra fatigue. So I think any workout adjustment may come naturally, rather than you having to plan for it. And he does have a little extra protein if he is fasting on a work-out day.


            • Originally posted by reallygravity View Post
              Is anyone here doing four down days in a row, and then three up days? This might work better for me--wondering if someone else out here has tried this, and have lost weight?
              You might find more info on this by looking at some of the regular fasting threads, rather than ADF.


              • Originally posted by Tribal Rob View Post
                How does everyone else find combining this with excersise?
                Hey Tribal Rob, I was concerned about combining this with exercise too, at first, but I've had no problems. I work out almost every day (at least 6 days a week) so I work out on both up days and down days. I work out in the morning so I actually have no problem working out on down days (because the previous day would have been an up day). I prefer to work out fasted, but, now, on up days, I eat before my workout. I crossfit, and my down days are usually pretty low calorie (sometimes zero calorie) so I've just decided to eat before crossfit on up days cuz sometimes, when the WOD is really hard, I think I'd probably die during it if I tried to do it at the end of a 30-hour fast.

                I would recommend that you switch your sprint sessions to down days. If you work out in the morning anyway, it shouldn't be a problem at all. It's generally not a good idea to sprint in a glycogen-depleted state, and your glycogen stores are going to be pretty depleted the morning after a down day.

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                • OK, thanks guys, I think I will try eating a small amount of fruit or something before my sprint, seeing as I'll be eating that day anyway, just to add a bit glucose to top up the tank. Not sure I could sprint on a fasting day then not eat, especially as I often make the sprints part of a longer work-out with some jogging, tree climbing, jumping on stuff type things.
                  You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


                  • Hate to make things more complicated, but sprints are best done in a fasted state. The reason that they work so well for fat loss is because sprinting stimulates human growth hormone production, which then accelerates fat loss. But insulin spikes suppress HGH production. You'll still get the physical benefits of sprinting, obviously, but your fat loss will be attenuated if you eat before hand. Here's Mercola's explanation: Intense Strength Training Workouts

                    That said, my crossfit box has crossfit endurance classes from time to time (which are basically sprints), and when one of those classes falls on an up day, I eat beforehand too...just because suppressing HGH production >>> keeling over during the workout.

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                    • Trying 8 hour / 16 hour

                      ADF (including the "two day diet") has been a miserable failure for me as I just can't stick to the 600 cals on the down days without getting really depressed.

                      For the last 5 days I've been trying the 8 hours feed and 16 hours fast every single day and have dropped a kilo without any stress. I'm sold.

                      I think of it as my "ten, six" program as I have a brunch style breakfast at 10 am and then evening meal at 6 pm. If I get uncomfortably hungry I might have a pear or a banana at 3 pm with a glass of Ayran. Even though I'm not really counting calories I'm still going for Primal. For example yesterday brunch was a ratatouille with all the usual suspects with a hat of wilted baby spinach on top, and didn't stint on the extra virgin, and dinner was just a couple of fruits and a can of sardines in oil.

                      I feel I've hit a sweet spot - fortunately I'm retired, not an early riser (can't stand all that yellow stuff in the sky in the mornings ) and I do realise it would be a problem for someone who has to be out of the house at 7 to work and maybe not home till 6 or 7.


                      • Glad you found something that is working for you, Mike.


                        • So some of you may already read my blog about my experience and progress while ADFing. I am going to be out of town for a few weeks for my wedding/honeymoon/vacation next month. I was wondering if anyone (or more than one) person would be interested in writing a guest post about their own experience alternate day fasting, on JUDDD, or other intermittent fasting schedule? Maybe even just a post about going primal. I cover a range of topics from fasting, to weight loss, to nutrition, etc.

                          It wouldn't have to be a researched novel or anything. My last guest poster typed up less than a page of material in a Word doc and I did all the formatting and everything. I generally write in my blog as if it were an open diary. I feel like everyone here has had or is having a valuable experience both succeeding in weight loss and struggling with fasting that would be worth sharing. Let me know if you'd be interested in sharing your experience!
                          Blogging my weight loss experiment using alternate day fasting here:


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                          • I'm posting my latest results, in case anyone pops into the thread. I'm still going strong on ADF, and enjoying it. These are my numbers since I began:

                            202.0 3/5
                            195.0 3/30
                            188.0 4/27
                            185.0 5/25
                            181.5 6/30
                            176.5 7/28
                            174.0 8/3

                            Not much to chat about, because it is all going well. Looking forward to making my next goal weights, and doing a practice maintenance when I get to 168. I know Elkay is off with her wedding, but is anyone else still doing ADF? Experiences or progress reports you'd like to share?


                            • Sabine, you are a writer with ADF experience you should do a post in Lauren's blog.
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                              • Funny. I just switched from 5:2 to ADF. Go For It!
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