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Ugh... this isn't what I wanted...

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  • Ugh... this isn't what I wanted...

    I hate when I purchase something, like cheese, which I purchased today... and then get home and find it's the "reduced fat" version...

    I want it for the fat...
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    95% protein chicken *shudder*
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      I almost bought nonfat yogurt a couple weeks ago... luckily I noticed before I was done shopping, so I just had to go alllll the way back across the store and switch it for the good stuff. And they didn't even have a store brand full-fat yogurt, Wegmans only makes lowfat and nonfat I guess. So I had to spend more.
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        I know what you mean! It's very frustrating to buy the wrong thing. I accidently purchased a large tub of full fat organic yogurt, but it wasn't plain, it was French vanilla. The containers looked almost exactly the same. I try to slow down now and make absolutely sure I'm buying what I want/need. I've only been primal for 1 month, and I figure I'll get better at this as more time goes on!


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          Oh geez. I hate that. Dairy containers (yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, all of 'em!) are the worst.
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            I purposely bought a jar of mayo a few months ago that didn't have any low-fat labelling on it. It wasn't til I tasted it and noticed it was too sweet that I looked at the ingredients to find sugar was the third ingredient (after water and vinegar). Yuck!

            Live and learn.


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              Low-fat cheese gives me abdominal cramps. Full fat is a-ok digestively speaking. Hmm!


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                omg i know wat u mean about the vanilla vs plain organic yoghurt. i made that mistake one day when i was planning on making some greek yoghurt for lamb gyros (lettuce wrap rather than lavish or pita). it was made to good use at least in banana smoothies.
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