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  • Body Recomposition Thoughts?

    Hello gang hope everybody is doing well! So I have been on a fat loss diet for the past couple of weeks, and have been with pleased with the results. Right now according to my scale i am about 11% body fat which is nice considering that it is almost summer time! But only problem with this is my weight i feel is too low for a 6'1" 21 yr old male. I am about 163 pounds. What I really want to do is add some weight to my frame. So how do I go about this?
    Well according to CW I would have to bulk up blah blah blah eat a lot more than I should hit the weights hard yadda yadda, but lately I have been thinking about something different and would like to hear what people have to think on it. I have tried searching google, but have not had much luck....

    My idea is calorie cycling. I need about 2445 calories a day (17,115 weekly) for maintenance, and to loose about a pound of fat a week I need about 1900 a day (13,300 weekly). But what if I go through extreme calorie cycling for example: I lift/sprint 4 times a week. These are highly anabolic activities, and eating after them would help promote muscle gain. So lets say I eat about 2900 calories a day (enough to build muscle since it is over maintenance) on these four days (about a total of 11,600) and on my rest days I eat under maint. lets say about 1700 calories (about 5,100 weekly). On these days shouldn't I loose fat? When I add my totals I am slightly under maint. so hopefully I would slowly loose fat over the course of the week, but by having high calorie surplus days would I be able to add muscle? Once I hit lets say 9 % percent body-fat I could really focus on adding muscle slowly.
    I know it would be a slow and steady process, but do you guys think it would work?
    I would love your two cents!


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    Way too much thinking there for me, but, then again, I've never been in your situation. If I were you, in addition to searching the forum for hardgainers, maybe trying to find out who here has had success bulking up, search the blog too.


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      thanks allbeef patty for the link!
      But i am definitely not a hardgainer lol I have an easy time putting on fat, and not muscle. I am what they call a skinny fat despite the fact that I am active, and lift 3+ times a week :-(
      I am just trying to think of an unconventional approach to my problem, since conventional methods (primal and cw) have not really helped me much. I have been primal for over a good two months now, and really hardcore primal since the 1st minus my birthday, but even there it was more 90/10%. Perhaps I will start it on monday when my workout starts for the week, and see how it goes. Perhaps i will have to be my own test subject hehe :-D


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        no other thoughts huh :-(


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          I'm kinda in a similar situation as you. I'm 5'8", 155lbs, around 10-11% BF (but I'm 36, not 21). I gain fat quite easily if I don't eat "clean". I've been lifting semi-regularly for 6 or 7 years now (3-9 months on, 1-3 months off, kinda random) and I've never been able to really bulk-up.

          Years ago I used to do all that calorie counting, measuring grams per meal, cycling daily or weekly, etc. It's too much work. I stopped and found no difference to just generally eating "clean" (for me, "clean" had a different meaning back then - standard CW clean).

          After discovering Primal BP I've slowly been changing my vision of what I want to look like - instead of lots of muscle, my goal now is more the lean, ripped look - the "fight club" look I've heard it called.

          I do have a decent base of that type of muscle to work with from the years of lifting, and I have noticed a bit more muscle and a bit less BF since starting primal (and I'm pretty lax at it to... my 80/20 rule is more like 60/40). Now that the weather is getting nice I'm getting more inspired to push myself to 90/10 and see how it goes. My ultimate goal is like the models for Jockey underwear. And to find a girlfriend that looks like one of the female Jockey underwear models!

          It may be that your body's "natural build" is similar.

          I have a friend that eats like crap and lifts weights maybe once a week and he's uber-muscular. His upper-arm is almost as big around as my thigh (Well... maybe not. But it's damn big!). He's got a bit of a gut, and I'm sure his overall health isn't that great, but he certainly can gain muscle effortlessly.

          I probably rambled too much and didn't really tell you what you wanted to know. But maybe there's something there you can use.


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            I think you should go for it. Overeat on training days, under eat a little bit on resting days. Seems like you'd be able to put on some muscle, or at the very least maintain whilst losing fat. Let us know how it goes if you do decide to try it. Sounds a lot like leangains. I've been trying a similar idea, without the precise calorie counting though.


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              ok well i am going to give it ago! i will be sure to try to keep up to par with updates, and the like but it has been tough with everything going on in school!

              and @bane it is modeled a bit after leangains, but I have only every heard of people cutting with it, or bulking (usually keeping bf the same or going only slightly higher which is impressive) with it. There is not a whole lot on the web right now about people doing body recomps. Most still do the same old cutting/bulking cycles. Well i guess I am going to be in for quite the adventure later on this evening...... bring on all the veggies, and meat!!!! (and heavy cream :-) I am going to need it for the calories lol )


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                this is where i started from, and the following ones are from a day or two ago, not much of a different yet, but hey its hasnt even been a week yet!


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                  I have not weighed myself in bit mainly because my weight have been going all over the place with this style of eating. So right now I am just going off what I see in the mirror, and so far I have been quite pleased!
                  I know this is not the best picture but here it is....