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How to get started on the diet and my first grocery list.



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  • How to get started on the diet and my first grocery list.

    So I'm wanting to get started. What should I buy to put in my house? I've letting my stores of food run low so I can just put in primal friendly food. The least primal things in my fridge right now are half a tub of full fat sour cream (which looks pretty primal friendly as much as dairy gets. No strange ingredients) and 15 lbs of potatoes left that my mom brought me.

    My goal is weight loss. What should I buy at the store? I can buy salad, but I get bored of salad pretty quick. I've got some skinless chicken breast, wild fish, and bacon stored. Also lots of eggs. Anyone have any tips of what I should put in my home to always have on hand, what some of my first meals should look like, and when I should eat? I work night shift, and I am not really caring for it. I'm new at my job and this is going to be a reality for atleast 6 more months until I'm allowed to change positions within my company.

    Any and all advice will be appreciated.

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    Hey Zach, you've made a great start on clearing out your non primal stores. You can eat the potatoes if you ration them out slowly. You have eggs, chicken, fish and bacon on hand.

    I see that you would now need red meat, such as some ground beef, steak, lamb or pork chops or ribs.
    You need a variety of veges, such as onions, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms.
    I would also add garlic, chilli and a few other herbs and spices.
    Butter for your cooked veges and olive oil for your salad dressing.

    Then you can make a variety of meals such as butter chicken with cauliflower rice, beef curry casserole with onions and carrots, garlic pepper steak with mushroom sauce, minted lamb chops with broccoli, ginger pork ribs and a salad or stirfry mixed vegetables.

    You could eat your main meal before you go to work and pack the leftovers to eat as a "lunch" in the middle of your shift.

    Breakfast could be eggs and bacon.

    Good luck.
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      I agree with Annie. I would add that if you do dairy, full fat sour cream is fine. I eat lots of it. Fortunately, I can get organic with live cultures. I'd add some nuts such as almonds and macadamias (if you can afford them). Remember that peanuts are legumes not nuts. Most of us use virgin coconut oil in addition to butter and olive. Coconut oil is fantastically healthy. Avocados are great if you like them.

      Good luck on Primal!
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        don't know what your level of cooking skill is, so I'm going to go super-basic. I can cook fairly well, but I still appreciate easy meals so here is what I tend to do.

        To always have on hand:
        -Meats of all types, whatever you like. I tend to follow sales, I will pick up cuts or meats I'm unfamiliar with and google what to do with them. I enjoy that, if you don't no biggie, get what you know and like. You'll branch out when you are ready.

        -Fish and fowl. Don't fear the chicken skin, it can be your delicious friend.


        -Fats. I always have olive oil, coconut oil, and butter, plus a jar of bacon grease. I use all of these for cooking and baking only, I don't drink them, mix into my coffee etc. Except for the occasional nibble of butter. I can't help it. It is an illness.

        -Veggies. Again I follow sales and will get what is cheap. You know what is cheap? Kale. You know what is delicious sauteed with some bacon? Kale. You know what I've had for lunch the last couple of days? Bacon kale yumminess. Plus eggs or chicken.

        -Fruits, nuts, and seeds. You said weight loss is your goal so be careful with this category. Berries are a staple for me, I will pick up whichever berries are on sale (are you seeing a pattern? I am. Geez I'm cheap). I also always have lemons and limes, because I love to splash fresh lemon/lime juice on just about everything. I have raw nuts of assorted kinds, I stash them in the freezer because I don't eat them too often.

        -Dairy. Another category to be careful with because of your weight loss goals. I love dairy so I always have milk, cheese, sour cream, greek yogurt, but I am careful not to have too much of any of it in one day. Depending on your goals, maybe go no dairy to start. It can stall weight loss in some folks.

        Really your meals should look like protein, veggie, and maybe more veggie. A couple examples of quick, easy meals:
        -Hamburger patties served over lettuce with all the veggies you can top it with. Don't forget the sauerkraut!
        -Chicken drumsticks with a flavorful rub, baked in the oven. Make more than you need for one meal, keep in fridge for a quick meal. Add whatever veggies you like. Asparagus is delicious and cooks up quickly in the oven. Maybe add a side salad.
        -Carnitas! Do you have a crockpot? Get thee a crockpot! Slab o' pork shoulder in the crockpot all day on low- heaven. Plus leftovers for days. Carnitas and eggs in the morning!
        -Pot roast. Another crockpot goodie. Slab o' chuck roast, some beef broth and let it cook. Plus leftovers! Leftovers are your best friend, especially if you don't enjoy cooking or don't always have the time.

        Honestly, when I am just making meals for myself, I will throw together some really random things and call it a meal. As long as I'm getting protein, some veggies, and fats I don't sweat how it looks or if it is a "real" meal.

        I get bored of salads as well, I like to make a big batch of greens soup and keep in the fridge. When I'm hungry I will fry up a couple eggs and mix into the soup with a couple spritzes of fresh lemon juice. Ok I guess that sounds a bit odd but its actually quite good. Plus this is a great way to use up all those salad greens I always seem to buy and then don't make it through.

        As for when should you eat, follow your instincts. I would keep up with whatever meal pattern you are on now for at least your first couple of weeks, then listen to your body. Maybe you will find you can intermittently fast (IF) once you are no longer experiencing blood sugar highs and lows. Don't force it, just play around with meal timing and sizing, see what you respond best to.


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          Here are a couple of links that might help:

          Primal Blueprint Shopping List | Mark's Daily Apple

          Also, the "Start Here" link at the top of the page.

          I think the learning which stores had what things at what prices once I switched to primal drove me batshit in the beginning. One thing that helps, is to primalize what you used to eat. So, if you love burgers, you can still have them, but no buns. Some folks like lettuce as a wrap, some people make paleo breads, some just eat burgers with a knife and fork. (The burger is just an example.)

          Potatoes are fine, by the way. If for example you're trying to stay under 100 grams of carbs per day, a potato has about 4.5 grams of carb per ounce. So a 10 oz potato - which is a nice size amount - you'd get 45 grams there. Still 55 grams left from other sources. If you're not buying organic potatoes, you might want to peel them before cooking.

          Good luck!
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            Make sure you have Primal Foods you like.
            If you like beef more than chicken, buy beef. If you love asparagus and hate salad, buy asparagus. If you enjoy pineapple, buy that.
            Find condiments you love- I always have homemade mayo, homemade salad dressing and kimchi.

            I like the idea that meals are protein, veggie, veggie, fat. That can vary from chicken, spinach and brocolli cooked with butter to pan seared duck breast served with cauliflower puree and aparagus with hollaindaise. Or it can be a meaty sauce served over julienned zucchini. Or a chicken curry over sweet potato.

            It pays to create. Every week I plan one or two fancy meals (this week was leg of lamb and salisbury steak) then some simpler meals- chicken to throw on the grill with steamed asparagus. Always buy foods for "no brainer"meals so you don't get tempted to buy pizza because you are tired. That said, your no-brainer meals need to make you smile when you think about them. I hate fish. So fish has no room in my no brainer meal world. Meanwhile, I love steak, LOL. So when I am beat, a steak on the grill with some microwaved asparagus is better and easier than any pizza.

            Always have breakfast stuff and have one or two alternatives to eggs- smoothie stuff etc.

            Don't let non-primal foods in your cart. I know..... just don't. I also like to have something on hand for dessert- heavy cream and berries or a dark chocolate bar.

            Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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              Thanks. The family I come from we never ate vegetables except for peas, corn, and potatoes so vegetables are the hard part. I've got some home made canned saurkraut and a couple jars of green beans. Now I just need to mix it up. I'll have to see about this 'kale' I keep hearing about.


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                My SO is very much anti-veggie (I'm working on it!) and even he loves kale prepared this way:

                Take your kale, slice the leaves off of the thick stalks. Discard the stalks.
                Hand shred your kale leaves just a bit. Wash and dry well.
                Take a few slices of bacon, cut into lardons (fancy chef-y word for chunks of bacon, about 1" wide)
                Bacon goes into hot pan set over medium heat, cook until just about done.
                Remove bacon pieces from the pan, leave the grease.
                Add your kale- be careful, bacon grease will spatter and it is hot!
                Stir kale around to coat in grease. Continue to cook it, stirring regularly, for 3-4 min.
                Add bacon pieces back to pan, stir everything together well.
                Add a squeeze of lemon juice if you want, because why not?
                Dish it up!

                This is especially delicious with a couple over-easy eggs thrown on top.


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                  kale is good, it is an aquired taste...i usually toss some up with fresh spinach, onions, garlic, coconut oil (med low heat) and brussel sprouts, oh and a red or orange bell pepper, my toddlers loved it! i also like to juice my kale


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                    Originally posted by Zackmoses View Post
                    Thanks. The family I come from we never ate vegetables except for peas, corn, and potatoes so vegetables are the hard part. I've got some home made canned saurkraut and a couple jars of green beans. Now I just need to mix it up. I'll have to see about this 'kale' I keep hearing about.
                    That sure is a limited range of veges so it is definitely time to branch out. Try carrots, they are sweet. You can grate them raw for salads. Slice and steam them and serve with butter and nutmeg. Stirfry them with onions and ginger. Roast them alongside a chicken. Or cook and mash with your potatoes, add butter and parsley (we call it Happy Mash). If there's any leftover, stir in a beaten egg and make into hash browns for breakfast.

                    Green beans from a jar don't sound nice at all. You're better of with fresh green beans or at least frozen.

                    If you don't actually like veges yet but want to encourage yourself to eat them, they can be cut finely and added into your meat. eg Hamburger patties or meat loaf can include onion, silverbeet/spinach, grated zucchini/courgette and mixed herbs. Bind it all together with beaten egg and press into a loaf tin or shape into patties.
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                      For someone who is new to veggies. I would recommend buying those bags of stir-fry frozen veggies. The kinds that have mushrooms, green beans, water chestnuts etc. Stir frying those with a little butter is always an easy side. Frozen veggies are your friend. They don't spoil like fresh veggies do and there is a decent variety.