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What's the deal with be n% Primal??

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  • What's the deal with be n% Primal??

    I've been reading and looking at the success stories from page 1 and after an hour am on page 85. I am excited to do this! But I am confused about what the title says... What exactly is the extra 5% grains? Legumes? Or am I just not getting it??

    I'm also not super rich, and I have almost no confidence that this endeavor will last because I don't know different CHEAP/AFFORDABLE recipes to make and stock up on for the week... Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    The non-primal percentage is anything that does not fall into the primal guidelines. So, if you ate exclusively primal-approved foods then your diet would be 100% primal.

    Someone who does not fully meet this criteria (whether intentionally or not), for example they succumb to a slice of cake, or inadvertently ingest something that has been cooked in canola oil, might regard their diet as 90-95 % primal.

    The guidelines allow for 20% non-compliance to still experience success with this way of eating, many people aim for much more than this and some find anything less than 100% causes them problems.

    Does this answer your question?
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      The % is for the wiggle room. It's for the occasional social events where you look stupid if you don't eat a cookie or a sliver of cake. It's when you NEED that little piece of chocolate, or crack and have a glass of soda. It's not an exact percentage. Just a little flexibility when you can't be perfect all the time.

      As for cost, don't buy organic unless you can afford it, shop at ethnic stores for best produce prices.
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        And eggs! Eggs are your budgeting best friend.


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          Read the recipe section of this forum! That is why it exists.

          Most of us are not independently wealthy by a long shot, me included, so just do the best you can for today. Making such fundamental changes in how you cook, eat, shop, and look at human nutrition takes time. It is a journey. Look at it as such. As you cook and shop and eat and read, more opportunities will present themselves for an ever-more-Primal existence just because you are now wide-eyed and looking for them.

          And yeah, those ethnic groceries are great!!
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            Also, Costco, Meijers and other big stores are carrying more organic goods at much better prices than what you'll find at Whole Foods. For produce, farmer's markets or a backyard garden are your friend. If you still can't afford organic then at least just buy local.

            Me personally, I'm not 100% primal since I have a cheat day on Saturday where I allow myself to eat grains, etc. It helps me to stick to the diet completely the rest of the week since I know I'm not giving up my favorite foods for good. I'm just giving them up until Saturday. This weekend I plan on visiting a local dairy farm where they will let you feed the calves and tour the farm before stopping at their store to pick up some butter and natural milk. I'm not lactose intolerant so I still drink natural cow's milk or goat's milk for the days when coconut milk just doesn't do it for me. Even having a regularly scheduled cheat day once a week I've still managed to lose 30 lbs and I feel better than ever. And once I've reached my goal weight I plan on still keeping completely primal during the week and only allowing cheat meals on the weekend. I, of course still try not to overdo it on my cheat day. (I'll use a measuring cup to measure out exactly a cup of pasta for lunch instead of filling the whole plate.) And I plan my weekly sprint intervals the day of or after the day I allow myself more carbs. Doing it like this hasn't caused me any problems so I'll stick with it for as long as it continues to work for me.
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              You probably are aware of the blog. Some great articles there incl. recipes, and every Friday there is a new inspiring success story. In fact I wd. recommend the blog over the forum for someone new.


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                Thanks guys! I appreciate all the helpful info! I'll be sure to check it all out!


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                  Start looking at the cheaper cuts of meat. Forgo the boneless skinless chicken breasts for chicken theighs, or a whole chicken. Roast that bird, and that is meal one. Throw the carcass into the slow cooker (or a pot on low) and cook for 12 hours. You have some excellent bone broth for drinking. Check out the neck bones to add to stews. It will make them far more flavorful, and also stretch the meals further.

                  Marrow bones are very cheap.

                  I cycle through the veggies on sale, and buy when low. If broccoli is 0.99/lb this week, we eat a ton of it. Next week cauliflower hits bottom, and I buy three heads of it.


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                    The blog is great. Also, i suggest signing up for the free email 7 day course. That's what convinced me to make the change.
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                      Some people react to things, and doing a whole30 or going 100% at first can help you sort those things out. Things you react to should be eliminated from your diet, while things you don't react to are fine as the non-primal foods you occasionally indulge in.


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                        I would recommend 100% adherence for at least 30 days before you play around with non-primal food again to gauge sensitivities.

                        I'm not sensitive to dairy, gluten, and I'm at a healthy weight already so if I wanted to do 80/20 I look at it by meals. I got 14 meals in a weak (2x/day). So if I eat out once a week then even if I order a primal meal its highly likely to be prepared with non-primal oils and other crap.... there you go 13/14 meals primal is about 93%. Least thats how I see it.


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                          [QUOTE=Neckhammer;1142001]I would recommend 100% adherence for at least 30 days before you play around with non-primal food again to gauge sensitivities./QUOTE]

                          Good advice!