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VLC creates insulin resistance? Or sensitivity?

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  • VLC creates insulin resistance? Or sensitivity?

    OK, I'm confused. Does eating a low carb diet create insulin resistance? I'm not diabetic, but I do have lots of it in my family and am discovering that I feel much much better with lower carbs.

    I'm concerned that eating well under 50g/day will damage my metabolism (slow it waaaay down), and make me more insulin resistant.

    Does anyone know the science behind this question?


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    physiological insulin resistance - yes. not pathological. in other words your body will work overtime to spare glucose for your brain, and your tissue will become necessarily more insulin resistant.

    by the way, there's absolutely no need to eat that low a level of carbohydrate, consistently. do what makes you feel best, but i suspect that walking around in permanent ketosis, absent a pressing reason, will get old.


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      Diabetes runs in my family and I was labeled hypoglycemic at a young age. I've found that eating lower carb keeps my blood sugar from spiking and crashing. Going very low carb does get boring after a couple of weeks so I allow myself to have more carbs if I'm going to be more active that day. I tend to crave more meat and fats now that I've been eating primal. I guess eating this healthy allows your body to finally get in sync with what it REALLY needs and not just what it thinks it needs.