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Dehydrator recommendations for a UK primalite!



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  • Dehydrator recommendations for a UK primalite!

    Hi Everyone

    I'm really wanting to get a dehydrator - beef jerky is kind of hard to get hold of in the UK and the ones I have seen don't have very nice ingridients in. Also my kids love the Goodies fruit bars for kids but they're getting smaller and more expensive (grrrr!) so I thought I could have a go at making some for them instead!

    I've seen a few recommendations for Nesco dehydrators on some paleo/primal sites but they only seem to be available in the US. Does anyone have any recommendations for UK available ones? I've noticed the prices vary wildly, so would be looking for a lower end of the price bracket one if possible!


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    I looked into this myself a couple of years ago, but didn't end up buying one as they are pretty expensive and I thought the novelty would probably wear off quite quickly. I did a fair bit of research though and Excalibur was what I would have bought. There are a few UK websites selling them, or you can get them on Amazon or eBay (in fact there is a "used twice" one on the bay right now!)

    You can get beef jerky or biltong in pretty much every supermarket these days but yes a lot of them will have low quality ingredients. What about this one from Waitrose? Unearthed original biltong beef - Waitrose I'm sure making your own is the best solution though, let us know how you get on if you decide to go for it!


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      Hi Chestnut Brown

      I bought an Excalibur one from UK Juicers in my raw vegan days and I highly recommend it for its quality, simplicity and the multiple setting options.

      Here's a link to the one I purchased:

      Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator White | Food Dryer | Dehydrators | UK Juicers Ltd

      I also got an additional 10% off and a free recipe book/manual because I told them I was recommended it by a friend who also got 10% discount.

      Over the years I've bought various items from UK juicers and always found them reliable and helpful.

      Hope this helps.

      Peace x


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        I have a Nesco and it works pretty well. But I am going to need to make a LOT of jerky for an upoming backpacking trip and I might make one of these:

        He says it can hold 8+lbs of meat at a time. My Nesco can hold 4-5 at the most.


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          Thanks everyone - looks like Excalibur is a good bet then - higher up the price range than I was hoping, but if I use it lots, it'd be worth it......

          Yodiewan - I've seen lots about Nesco on various primal/paleo sites, but they don't seem to be available in the UK - let me know if you know different!


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            Thanks for starting this thread. My wife and I have been thinking about this. The Waitrose stuff sounds good (used to shop there when I lived in Surrey) but up here in the Scottish Highlands there isn't a Waitrose for a very long way in any direction!


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              There are a couple of dehydrators on amazon for £35-ish