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Why does binge-eating fruit trigger an "EAT MOAR SUGAR" mentality?

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    That's exactly what I thought. But turned out when I stopped restricting fruit and eating it without guilt, and instead of nut butter and coconut milk not after I tried to pacify cravings with fat substances that I don't really like, things balanced out just fine. I do not eat it by the bucket but a lot more than I 'should' (>1 fruit a day or once a week...). I actually take a few pieces now, and leave the rest alone on the platter instead of restricting for a couple for days in a row, and then not being able to stop the tide. Also eating it more often makes for the variety, an I am not compelled to eat an orange, than an apple, then strawberries, then grapes..., then.... One very important thing though was using that tablespoon of oil between meals with no eating in between a-la Shangri-la, because it shut down the shakiness and excess hunger for me. Happy camper.
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      It's really a matter of what one's priorities are and the tradeoff he/she is willing to make. If my goal *is* to lean out and lose that weight, I think it DOES take some degree of weaning myself off of fruit and the like, and implementing some IF. I don't think that's deprivation, but it's certainly more difficult than eating plentiful fruit and Larabars.