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GO ALL IN! Or eaaaaaase in?

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  • GO ALL IN! Or eaaaaaase in?

    So I have pretty much jumped in head first to the PWOE....and I am feeling mostly good. Energy is pretty good, belly is feeling clean and clear, no gurgling and protesting at night and no waking up with wind and pains! And losing weight! Awesome!

    I am really bloody tired tho! I know this is carb flu or whatever its called, but I am wondering if easing in is better than JUMPING in? I won't go back now...I'm already in! But for arguments sake, what do you all reckon?

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    I'd say all in whole30 style to cut all the crap and a sugar addiction if you had one. I find that I devote myself more wholeheartedly to something if I don't half assedly dive into it. Yes, that is a word because I say so.
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      Depends on the person. I eased in.
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        I jumped feet first, but I hadn't been eating a stack of starchy carbs and grains for a few years before jumping in, so I didn't suffer too badly.


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          Every person is different. Maybe look at the last time you changed something significant in your life and that could help you to see if you're an ease-in or an all-in kind of person.

          If being tired is the worst of it, depending on your general health, you could add some sweet potato or white rice occasionally without going off blueprint.

          Sounds like you're doing really well - congrats!
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            it really depends on the individual, their current mindset, their goals, etc.

            i used to be a huge proponent of going all in at once, but i heard a behavior modification expert say something that completely changed my view on the subject: if your body has a certain routine, it will fight against major changes to that routine, and that is why so many people fail at getting healthy.
            that makes a ton of sense. i'm still a fan of wild changes and experimentation, but i don't recommend it for others anymore.


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              I eased into it. I was a major sugar/grain addict and found it easier to just focus at first on limiting my carbs to less than 150g a day while still eating grains. Then I began to realize how hard that was so gradually decreased my grains each day. Now I just have a free day on Saturdays where I'll eat pasta, rice or cereal along with healthier items but the rest of the week I avoid them entirely and seem to have kicked my addiction. I no longer even look forward to my free day and find myself eating less and less cheat items on Saturdays. So far I've lost 39 lbs. since the end of Feb. doing it this way.


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                I dove in and then realized that I couldn't handle it. I wasn't used to cooking from scratch that much, so it was a big shift. I kept thinking it was kind of a vegetarian thing for some reason, too! I was also eating waaaayyyy too little. Ultimately, I eased in over the course of nearly 5 months! I did a Whole30 and have been at least 80/20 since then (over a year ago).
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                  Why do newcomers believe the carb flu stage is necessary? Eat carbs. Avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.
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                    Originally posted by j3nn View Post
                    Why do newcomers believe the carb flu stage is necessary? Eat carbs. Avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.
                    lol, i wonder this too?

                    but it seems many come at this for weight-loss first and health a distant second, so cut carbs. however, if the shift is from eating the typical 300+ gms of carbs per day to <100 gms, i'd imagine that's no easy transition either.

                    anyway, op: if you're choosing to be in ketosis, you need to replenish your electrolytes. drink salty broth, eat some avocado and/or take a magnesium/potassium supplement.
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                      I did gradual. I realized I was treating my weekly indulgences as family members and needed some time to euthanize and grieve them properly.

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                        The fact that so many people have had success either way means there's no one right way.


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                          My personality causes me to want to jump right into everything. My personality also makes it so that I will fail when I jump right in (whenever the thing I'm jumping into involves giving up a bad habit or addiction). So I jump in, fail multiple times, then realize that easing in is the way to go. Then I ease in. Still in the process of easing all the way into this paleo thing.

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                            I went all in because I knew I would fail otherwise. My coworker who I convinced to go Primal went all in as well and it has worked well for her. My boyfriend tried to ease into it (limiting grains at first etc) but it was easier for him to just go all in.


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                              I jumped right in food-wise, since I was used to cooking from scratch at home, so I just had to adjust the meals I cooked a bit and avoid bad stuff when going out... But I took it easy in the fitness/lifestyle department since... well, that was a mess!!! I added a decent bedtime here and there... started doing some bodyweight routines... still working on it. What I'm trying to say here is that you should just do what you think will work for you! Some people are good at slow changes and some people just switch into a completely different lifestyle in a night.

                              Whatever you decide, good luck and enjoy the ride!