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Meat CSA in So Cal?

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  • Meat CSA in So Cal?

    Hey y'all!

    Any recommendations for a source reasonable priced grass fed meat in So Cal?

    There are a lot of place online... but I wanted some reviews.


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    There is a place in Temecula called Eden Tropics where I got some beef, lamb, and goat. It tastes good and was reasonably priced but it is a bit on the tough side unless put in the slow cooker (then it is great).

    I have also ordered through a group called Green Beef. They have pick up locations all over CA (google green beef+Redlands). The quality there was better but they are not locally growing the livestock. It's just an outlet system for an operation in the midwest.

    There is a place in the North part of SD county called SonRise Ranch that has awesome meats if you are willing to pay the awesome prices.


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      I don't know exactly where you are but Novy Ranch is sort of local. The ranch is up north but the owner is based in So Cal. They have a store you can pick up at in Ventura County and they are at all sorts of farmers markets all over Ventura Co and Northern LA county. Their beef is delicious from the cuts requiring slow cooking to their steaks.