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Difference Between LDL and VLDL?

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  • Difference Between LDL and VLDL?

    Hi there!

    So I have been trying to read up on cholesterol, LDL, and HDL, and I seem to understand some stuff. LDL, the dreaded "bad cholesterol" (which isn't really even cholesterol), really has two types: the big buoyant stuff (type A) and the small dense stuff (type B). Type B is the really bad stuff, which - surprise surprise - we seem to get through dietary sugar, not dietary fat.

    However, there is also this stuff VLDL - which is made in the liver from citrate left over from the Kreb's cycle. General consensus from the sources I've read seems to be that this stuff is REALLY BAD. To a newbie like me, I think "very low density" and think "that must be bigger/more buoyant/less dense" than LDL, so why doesn't this function similarly to the type A LDL?

    So that's what I'm really looking for. What makes VLDL so bad? Thanks!