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MDA Newbie Concerned about omega 3:6 ratio...

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  • MDA Newbie Concerned about omega 3:6 ratio...


    As the title says, I'm a newbie. I've been following the primal-like lifestyle for a few weeks now. Here's what I've been eating:


    - 4 eggs scrambled
    - 30g of lard
    - some spices
    - an apple


    - chicken breast (200g)
    - 30g of lard
    - decent portion of vegetables
    - an apple


    - chicken breast (200g)
    - 30g olive oil
    - vegetables again
    - 50 grams of white rice (I know, not very good, but I'm working out and could not get 150g of carbs from fruits only, so much fructose had been ruining my gut).

    I used Paleotrack to find out how I'm doing with Omega 3:6 Ratio. It turned out that in my case it's 11:1. No panic, I thought, but decided to ask a question here.

    How can I replace lard? Would it be good to up my olive oil intake and reduce lard intake? And then maybe I should add some cod liver oil to balance omegas?

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    Yeah, take the fish oil supplements for sure. Also you can use yams and any type of squash for your carbs needs.

    You can replace the lard with coconut oil or avocado oil for coooking, Olive oil should just be used for salads, if you want to cook with it it should be very low heat as it burns at high heat and turns into hydrogenated oil.
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      Why do you want to replace the lard? Lard is pretty sound and doesnk( burn easily. If you do, you can replace it with any of butter/coconut oil/goose fat/duck fat/beef dripping/ghee. But lard is good in its own right.

      Agree about keeping the olive oil for low temp cooking and drizzling.


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        Originally posted by freerangepiglings View Post
        Why do you want to replace the lard?
        I assume to reduce O6 since that is why he posted.


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          Use grass fed beef tallow instead of lard (US Wellness Meats has it). Also go for grass fed ruminant meat and seafood and not so heavy on the poultry (don't know if that was typical or just one day). Poultry and pork do not have as good a ratio of O3/O6.


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            IMO about 1/2 your protein should come from fish. The other 1/2 from beef, lamb, and goat. Go very easy on poultry and pork.

            Coconut Oil is perfect for cooking if you can get it. If not, beef tallow or drippings.
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              Also you can use yams and any type of squash for your carbs needs.


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                And where can I get a beef tallow? And how am I gonna know whether it's from grass-fed beef or not?