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Why are cooked grains affecting me now?

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  • Why are cooked grains affecting me now?

    Good morning!

    I've been having this little problem with grains ever since eliminating them for a while. I began high fruitarian with no grains and on a day I ate 1 cup of quinoa and I felt like I had a hangover 2 minutes after finishing the cup of quinoa. Then I when I began transitioning to Primal I would have a little bit of brown rice and I could feel it sitting heavy on me and leaving me with slightly elevated heart beat.

    This never used to happen to me. But now from eating healthy I can really feel that it leaves me tired and drained out when I end up eating a small serving.

    Now I try to avoid eating them because of how they affect me and only eat sweet potatoes and squash and fruit for carbs.

    Did I do something to my digestion? How come I used to be able to eat them feeling normal and now I can really feel the effects?
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    It is not an unusual response to food you are intolerant to.


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      you "did something" to your digestion being a fruitarian, yes. we're not chimpanzees. however, that will heal with a more varied diet and probiotics.

      for so many on bad diets, they feel like krap, basically all the time, so it's "normal". once the diet gets cleaned up, it's easier to pinpoint the specific foods that truly make you feel like ass.

      if you feel adverse reactions to grains, and clearly you do, -- stop eating them.
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        Grains probably gave you an adverse reaction before cleaning up your diet but you may not have noticed it so much mixed in with all of the other symptoms from eating not so healthy food.
        But in general, cleaning up your diet allows your body to react quicker to everything once its gone through the phase of clearing out toxins from a bad diet. Your body will react quicker good or bad to what you eat!


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          And try white rice not brown. Rice is a grain but the bad stuff is in the brown bit


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            I second white rice. Give sprouted brown rice and sprouted quinoa a try, too.

            Unsprouted grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes retain most of their antinutrients and lectins, and their fiber content is largely indigestible.

            Like others said, you're noticing the effects more now because you cleaned up your diet. When I was a junk food vegan, I couldn't have told you which foods made me feel shitty. If a food doesn't sit well with me now, I can usually pinpoint exactly what did it and why.


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              Salina13 that's what I was thinking too
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                I have been noticing the same thing. A friend with Crohn's has had to eliminate a LOT of things from his diet, trying to isolate the things that make his symptoms worse. He was telling me that your body creates antibodies against certain foods. When you stop eating those foods, the antibodies build up. If you suddenly reintroduce that food, those built-up antibodies pounce with a big inflammation response. I've been trying to pay attention to the reactions, because it means these are foods my body does not want me to eat (and didn't before Primal, either, I guess. The reaction was just less noticeable.)

                Does this explanation make sense to Primal veterans?


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                  the other symptoms from eating not so healthy food.


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                    It was probably just a change in gut bacteria. Starch is digested differently then sugar. Whole grains and seeds also have a ton of fiber and maybe that is causing the irritation. Do you get the same effect from raw or cooked vegetables?

                    Stick to fruits, roots and tubers for your carbs. Dairy as well if you tolerate it.


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                      Originally posted by Zach View Post
                      It was probably just a change in gut bacteria.
                      Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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                        Zach I feel fine digesting cooked veggies and root veggies, same with raw. I do very well with raw milk ad yogurt. Love raw milk.
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