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Could my stevia sweetened tea be hampering my weight loss efforts?

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    Originally posted by Damiana View Post
    It only works if your satiety cues aren't broken. Some people have trouble with this and overeat, whereas some undereat. It works only in an ideal person.
    You also have to factor in that natural satiety IS to overeat. It's in nature's best interest for you to have significant body fat stores. You shouldn't be obese - it would hamper movement; your ability to hunt for food and run from predators and other danger. However, if you think it's natural to have six pack abs, you'd be sadly mistaken. That would be a death sentence during famine. Nature has spent hundreds of thousands of years killing off the naturally lean and preserving those that store fat efficiently. We just decided in the past few decades that we want visible abdominal muscles.

    If you want to be very lean, you'd likely have to chronically undereat. You can imagine that may not be the healthiest thing in the world, right? So which is more important? Aesthetics or health? They're often mutually exclusive.
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      Originally posted by jodeyh View Post
      Which confuses me even more. I thought one of the ideas of listening to ones body is that calorie counting, and the idea of calories in/calories out, became obsolete. How does counting calories fit into Primal living? I know there's something in the book about counting calories if you want to, and some loose that where the calorie number comes from?
      Well, in the "primal" days, people for the most part COULDN'T over-eat regularly. They could over-eat during seasons of plenty and probably vastly under-eat during times of famine.

      Now you basically have an endless amount of food you can eat every day. Even if your body isn't broken, it can be easy to over-eat when presented with endless amounts of bacon and eggs. (Though, harder to over-eat for most than sweets and carbs.) Remember, it's likely your body WANTS to put on body fat.

      You don't have to count calories. Either add 3 miles of walking or skip 2 meals a week. Literally just skip a dinner or lunch a couple times a week and it can make a great difference.


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        The only way to truly answer the question is with a brief n=1. I guess the consensus is that you should never do that n=1. Ever.


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          Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
          The only way to truly answer the question is with a brief n=1. I guess the consensus is that you should never do that n=1. Ever.
          Can you explain what you mean? Are you talking about self experimentation?


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            I wouldn't say you need to track calories if you still have 75 pounds to lose. How long have you been stalled? Are you ever hungry? What's your typical day look like? Are you walking a lot?
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              I have been unable to exercise for about 4 months total due to injuries. The first time was SI joint sprains then a fractured foot that left me unable to exercise for about 3 months. I was finally able to get back to exercising at the beginning of March. Then I pulled a muscle (though I'm beginning to think I did something worse b/c it still hurts) in my lower back on 3/29. I'm just now getting to where I can walk comfortably, but just regular day stuff, not as exercise. Then the whole family got sick last week. I swear, it's been a freaking comedy of errors here.

              So the short answer is no, I've not been walking because I haven't been able to. I've been at the same weight for about 4 months.

              Yes, I get hungry around 11am, so I eat. Then I am hungry around dinner.

              Typical day of food:
              4-6 lg eggs cooked in butter with sour cream, if I'm very hungry I'll add 4-6 strips of bacon (the bacon is a recent addition in the past couple months)

              Dinner could be a chicken breast with cabbage (sauteed in butter), broccoli or some other veggie; a couple burgers, possibly with cream of mushroom soup over them and some veggie; grain free lasagna; teriyaki chicken...I try to eat both beef and chicken; rarely fish because I don't like it, and I don't do seafood either. Pork is out because my kids aren't allowed to eat it.

              Snack if I'm hungry between meals is usually a few slices of mammoth cheddar cheese or a lara bar uber bar. I'm not a big fruit fan, so I rarely eat that. I've been trying to add more veggies, so I'll also snack on cukes w/salt, peppers, celery and carrots.

              Back when I was losing weight, I was eating a couple squares of 70% dark chocolate a day; I have been having a small handful of dark chocolate chips when I want something sweet these days, but mostly it's sugar free gum (I know...barf @ the artificial stuff, but it's the only thing I eat w/artificial stuff in it) and stevia sweetened iced tea.

              Even if I don't track calories, it may do me some good to at least write down what I'm eating.
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