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    I have found that hiking (which is just walking up hills) actually makes my belly stick out A LOT! Lifting heavy, sprinting and slow movement (walking on the flats) were not making me slimmer, but they were helping a little and a month without them caused me to gain. Belly is huge and ugly all of a sudden. Also detrimental were too much caffeine interfering with sleep, catching a nasty cold, undergoing some stress and getting sicker.

    The macro ratio matters little to nothing for me, but I have found that if I eat an avocado I usually feel I don't need any dinner, but if I don't eat one and eat other things instead, I get hungrier for dinner.
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      Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
      The reason for my stance is fat upregulates the metabolism much less than carbohydrate and protein, and it generates the least amount of insulin, which is an anabolic growth hormone.

      Insulin just so happens to completely inhibit lipid oxidation even in minute amounts. So no burnny your body fat while its around.

      Athletes and bodybuilders typically eat a lower fat, high carbohydrate, high protein diet because of these reasons.

      They also "typically" go through cycles of changing this ratio to achieve the composition and performance they are looking for. This is not a steady state strategy. They also are notorious for using illegal drugs. How is their long term health "typically". My understanding is its not so hot.

      Carbohydrate and protein has the highest burn rates, generates the most amount of insulin (protein typically generates more insulin than carbohydrate, which is a common misconception) and produces more CO2 in the mitochondria, which indicates a faster metabolism. I'm not a fan of fat because it takes the body next to no effort to process.

      Have no clue what logic you use to come to the conclusion that better efficiency in processing is actually a bad thing....

      It slows the metabolic rate comparatively, and lipid peroxidation generates more stress hormones than glucose peroxidation. We burn sugar preferentially for a reason - it supports a healthier metabolism and generates less stress hormones than the oxidation of fat.

      Pure conjecture based on a faulty premise IMO. There is just as much evidence to prove the exact opposite is true.

      Athletes and bodybuilders know that high fat intakes typically lead to the slowest metabolism and the least desirable body composition.

      I sincerely doubt that you know any of this for certain. You may have some insight into what the brobuilders in the gym think, but your extrapolation into what all athletes in general know and do is quite suspect.

      Yes, some of that may be because of poor diets high in unsaturates vs saturates, and tropical societies seem to be immune to this thanks to the huge intake of saturates and MCT's from coconut, but for most of us I don't see that as a sustainable diet. If I were to advocate for a higher fat diet, I'd recommend the fat comes from coconut, grassfed dairy and leaner red meats to minimize PUFA exposure and keep SFA intake higher than MUFA intake. It's just easier to eat lots of leaner red meats, fruits and starches for me (and probably most), so I roll with that.

      Roll with whatever you enjoy and works for you. I don't believe for a second that PUFA is all that ails us. I don't mind natural occurring sugars, but I also don't see a shred of evidence that they or additional sugar aid in body composition or that high fat low carb is detrimental to body comp. And studies have been done that show that.
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      But ultimately I don't care what people decide to do. This is the interwebs and I'm not responsible for any of you . Just throwing out what evidence I've seen and pointing out that you can't say "only CICO matters" immediately followed by "but carbs are more thermogenic so eat those instead of fat".... Its contradictory and largely an oversimplification that isn't even shown to be true based on peer reviewed studies to boot.
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        Been seeing real results in the last week eating primally combined with the Warrior Diet (eating one large meal a day and then fast until the next day). Might be worth a try.


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          ...LOL, back into the "calories in / calories out" madness.


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            "That's how the body works," is a bit of a weak arguement Choco. Scientific evidence would be nice.

            Remember, logical as it may sound, we all have learned that logic and nutrition don't always go hand-in-hand.
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