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  • Process and elimination

    So if you were to eliminate foods to see if you have an intolerance to them what would you eliminate and why and what are some of the sign/signals that you are looking other words, how did you tune into your body's quirks


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    I'll tell you how I happened to give up some of the foods I had to give up.

    My daughter is now 30. When I was pregnant I traveled with my parents to my sister's wedding. My mother browbeat me into drinking milk all weekend, because obviously it was necessary for the baby, especially because I didn't drink milk generally. I had the most uncomfortable belly bloat all weekend. When I got home I just spontaneously went on a fruit fast that lasted about half a day, at which point the bloat suddenly disappeared. Aha! I said and never drank fresh milk again. At least at that point I was aware of what lactose intolerance was, because my father had it. There wasn't that much general awareness of it at that time.

    Fast forward to about 2004, when I was overweight and finding walking painful on my swollen feet. I had a job where I had to park in a residential neighborhood almost a mile away when I worked a day shift. Ouch, once I sat down I didn't get up even to talk to the boss lady in the next room. I had been doing all my own baking (except for buying artisan bread and pastries) and pasta making. I recall at that point I was even enjoying farro and kamut pilafs. Then suddenly I felt the need to give up carbs for a few days. Though I had cut back before, this time was different. Perhaps I had merely cut back on the wheat previously. Within 24 hours the swelling in my feet was almost gone and I could walk without pain. No more wheat for me! I never looked back.

    Later I developed some sort of intestinal inflammation that I felt was caused by the heavy cream I was putting in my coffee. Darn, giving up dairy? After a few days I made coffee with almond milk and got sick again. So back to dairy, no more coffee for me.

    Same thing with wine. Some types bother me, but I've never been able to figure out which is which. So I only drink it when dining out.

    Later after eating many dozens of eggs I developed a sensitivity to them and had to cut back to 1 or fewer a day on average. Only a few days ago I completed a challenge which showed I can eat egg yolks in unlimited quantity.


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      I'm pretty sure avocado gives me headaches... I haven't cut it out entirely but I'm eating maybe 1/5th of an avocado each day (I like it on my salads) rather than the 1/2 to 1 avocado I used to eat daily... possibly when I run out of them I won't buy anymore.