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Lets get serious about body fat - 4 weeks Steak and eggs



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  • Originally posted by UES View Post
    I decided to do a steak and eggs run for the first time last spring, and that along with a regular workout regimen helped me transform my body completely.

    Unfortunately, I ran into some health issues, which I figured out was from my consumption of red meat, so I had to stop the routine.

    I've tried other forms of keto, but not with nearly the same success. My guess is without the regular consumption of steak, I'm not getting the fat nor testosterone increases needed to generate the same rapid loss of body fat.

    I've been on a low-carb routine now for the past two months, and while my fat loss initially was notable, I've stagnated over the past month.

    I've been eating mostly chicken, turkey, and fish throughout that time along with eggs and vegetables.

    Is there perhaps another alternative to steak and eggs with something to replace the steak?

    I loved the diet, not just for the results, but for the simplicity, you know what you're going to eat and that's what you eat, but I also think it's maximum effectiveness comes with a regular workout schedule.

    This is an awesome thread, big thanks to all of the contributors thus far.
    What health concerns from red meat


    • So I've started the steak and eggs diet and my question to everyone is this,
      Training while on this diets my plan was to train everything twice a week…mon/Thur chest/back, tue/fri shoulder/ arm wed/sat legs Abs and cardio every day.
      Just wanted input as to set/ reps and the exercise I want to keep it as old school as possible but with modern gyms and differant machines now in most gyms I want to try and include them.

      I sorry making this such a long post but any ideas would be great

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      • didn't want to start new thread as this one is awsome. i read all 100 pages, as well as i read the other 50 pages of another steak and eggz thread.
        my question- i am on day 3 of S&E, i don't mind eating all the meat and eggs, my BM is good, i have energy for work outs but my stomach just feels funny. queasy. puky. is that normal? will it go away? or is that a sign that this diet is not for me??
        just to give you more info- i have been LC for 10 months and i have been doing fine. that is why i thought S&E would be easy but maybe it is just too much for my stomach?
        thank you for any ideas :-)