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  • I'm desperate for advice.


    I'm not sure where to start so I guess I'll just write out whatever comes to me first.

    I'm constantly bloated. I mean CONSTANTLY. After every meal, even after a glass of water I feel bloated. In bed, when I wake up, after going to the toilet, still bloated.

    I still suffer from mild acne (male, 22) and I've tried everything there is, except antibiotics. Don't get me wrong, my 'skin' is OK,but I have constant painful inflamed spots on my jawline and sometimes new my chin. Shaving with an electric razor makes no difference. my forehead and cheeks are 100% clear. I use sesame oil to cleanse and occasionally jojoba oil to moisturise. Nothing else, other than water has touched my face for over a year( other than occasionally honey and clay masks)

    I've hard dark under eye circles for about 5 years. Tried creams, facial massages and neti pot.

    I've definitely been on and off Paleo and sugar detoxes but none of these seem to make much difference than if I eat sweets for dinner. (which I don't do anymore!) I've haven't had grains for about 6 months, just some poor quality sweets/chocolate occasionally in the past.

    I have though, been 100% modified Paleo for the past 5 weeks. No FODMAPS, Eggs,Nuts, Nightshades, Pork, Dairy, limited greens.

    I've gone through all of the superfoods and now I take:
    Vitamin D sublingual 3000IU
    3-4 litres homemade bone broth (Organic grassed) per week
    400mg Magnesium at night for 2 months
    NOW foods super enzymes twice daily (with every meal, I don't eat breakfast so fast for 14-16 hours) for 6 weeks
    Brewer's Yeast 3-4 table spoons per week for 4 weeks
    Just recently stopped Green pastures FCLO butter blend having taken that for 14 months
    Probiotic: Sauerkraut everyday (the only FODMAP I eat) for 5 months
    Probiotic: Recently ran out of Prescript Assist (daily) and now take Bio Kult (once per day) - 2 weeks
    Epson salt baths 1 cup per week
    Dry body brush daily

    I drink a variety of herbal teas including ginger, liquorice, marshmallow, red clover leaf and a few other blends. 2-3 litres of filtered water but only when I'm thirsty, not for the sake of it.

    Sleep is between 23:00 and wake no earlier than 10:00 most of the time.
    Stress is fairly manageable which has helped with my cold hands and feet
    I only work part time so my job stress isn't really a factor
    I live with my family who eat only processed junk which is hard, not because I want some but because they don't share the same interests as me which makes me slightly lonely.
    Moderate stretch/yoga movement 90 minutes per week max
    30 minutes sunshine per week
    I've made sure that I'm deep breathing all of the time
    Toilet visits are most of the time daily, but what comes out is very minimal, hard dark stools most of the time.
    I also tried the low stomach acid test with baking soda and nothing happened at all.

    Plus all of the usual stuff, fish 4x per week. All organic grass fed meat. Organic produce. Probably eat 2 pieces of fruit per week. No more than 100g carbs on average per day. Just started to eat dark chocolate again and kale chips as snacks.

    I think that's it. I really don't know what to do anymore. I've been reading that L-glutamine helps a lot of people with SIBO/Bloating and skin problems but it's just more expense that may not work. I really don't think magnesium has made any difference for me.

    I also have very little money and cannot afford any tests. I visited my doctor twice in the past year with concerns and he didn't do anything. I had a full blood test 2 years ago and everything was fine in terms of vitamins and minerals. I'm 6'2" and weigh 150-155lbs. I gained about 10lbs when I started eating real food which I really needed.

    Any advice is appreciated. I just feel that I'm wasting my money on all of these high quality foods and supplements when I constantly feel like this. I know thats it's experimentation but it seems that is all I do and never achieve results.

    EDIT: I've also tracked/planned every meals or the past 14 weeks as well as recording which supplements I take, sun exposure, movement, sleep and feelings.
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    If you did a 24 hour water fast, would you still feel bloated at the end of that time?


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      Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
      If you did a 24 hour water fast, would you still feel bloated at the end of that time?

      This is something I've considered doing. I think that because I'm fairly thin (my parents sometimes nag at me for being thin, unlike the rest of the family) I'm slightly worried about not eating.

      Could I have herbal tea as well on a water fast or must it be pure water? Would it be advisable to cut out all supplements during this period too? (some need to be taken with food anyway)


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        I would drink herbal tea or plain, weak tea if I were doing a water fast. I see no reason not to take a break from the supplements for one day.

        If you were to do this and found yourself not bloated, it would certainly be pointing at something in your intake.


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          What is your ratio of fat to protein & carbs? Have you tried doing a Whole 30 or been allergy tested to see if there is something in your diet that doesn't agree with you?

          As far as treating your acne I would suggest you ditch the oils you're putting on your face since they aren't working and do what I did as a teen to treat acne:
          Separate an egg yolk from the white. Smear the egg yolk all over your face and let it dry, then wash it off. Repeat once every day for 2 weeks. Then once every other day for a week and finally just once a week thereafter. That cleared up my acne as a teen.


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            I'd need to work out the carbs protein and fat, I'm not too geared up about protein.

            I was allergy tested almost 3 years ago (but it was a hair sample, not blood due to pricing) and the only foods I've reintroduced is coconut, cinnamon and occasionally beef. (I never ate those things 3 years ago anyway!). I mostly eat minced lamb these days. I was also deficient in Vitamin C but I eat plenty of Vit C vegetables now.

            The skincare is only recent and it has made my skin softer and smoother, but the acne is caused internally. I've tried months with just water and 45 days with nothing touching my face at all but they don't 'cure' the acne.

            I'll give the egg a try! Can you use the yolk over two days (for the first fortnight) or should you use fresh everyday?
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              I think figuring out your fat/protien/carb ratio is VERY important. You could not be getting in enough fat in (olive oil, coconut oil. avocado - or we can figure out with more suitable budget wise for you) OR
              you are getting in too much carb and protein at the same time, that combo can leave you with a "bloated" feeling.

              can you give us a couple daily menus you eat?
              or somethings you typically eat for Break/lunch/din? around what times do you eat?
              write down everything to us... added oil, seasonings if you can.

              You could be eating something you are allergic to and don't know it.

              lets see that food list!! and get you the help you need from our best knowledge
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                Belly bloat is often a result of an intolerance, which wouldn't show up in typical allergy testing.


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                  Ok, this was last 2 weeks of meal planning.

                  I usually eat Lunch between 12 and 2pm (waking up no earlier than 9.30am)
                  I usually eat Dinner between 5pm-7.30pm and sometimes something else after dinner such as kale chips)

                  Saturday Dinner isn't really a meal because I work from 3pm-12pm on saturday and don't always make leftovers.

                  I have screen captured the meal plan but I could also provide a ingredient breakdown. I also ate Kale chips which are Cacoa, cinnamon, salt, cashews. (very small quality of ingredients to make a sauce) Last week I also had a few coconut secret bars which are low GI bars made with coconut, cacao mass and coconut sugar. (these items are both new to my diet and are not the causing factor of my issues which I've had for months or years with the skin)

                  Last week was slightly more carbs that I usually eat...
                  This week.jpgLast week.jpg


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                    your JPG's are being "approved" once they are we can all help more.. hang on! not sure how long the "approval" takes...
                    or you can just copy and paste into the post.


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                      Thanks for telling me that, I can see them so I would have guessed you can too!

                      Here's a breakdown

                      Last Wek:

                      Wild Salmon 400g
                      Sauerkraut approx 2 cups
                      Minced Lamb 500g
                      Dried Figs half a cup
                      Rocket Leaves approx 3 cups
                      Pilchards (2 tins) (8 pieces)
                      4 chicken breasts (no skin)
                      2 Sweet Potatos
                      4 Parsnips
                      3 carrots
                      Pork Tenderloin 400g
                      4 Courgettes
                      Half a Pineapple
                      A few macadamia nuts (1 tablespoon)
                      Curry powder (no junk)
                      7 tablespoons coconut oil
                      3 Litres Bone Stock
                      1 cup shredded coconut (not sweetened)
                      4 Coconut secret bars

                      This Week
                      3 Chicken Breasts (no skin)
                      600g Wild Salmon
                      100g Lamb Chops
                      Sauerkraut 1 cup
                      Mackrel (2 pieces)
                      Rocket Leaves
                      4 Courgettes
                      3 Litres Bone stock plus one butternut squash in the soup.
                      500g Minced Lamb
                      approx 300g Kale chips
                      small handful dark chocolate
                      Curry powder
                      5 tablespoons coconut oil
                      (the attachment shows beef steak for this week, instead I'm having Salmon on Sunday)

                      I also had some coconut yoghurt this week but that bloated me and gave me very bad gas so I've stopped eating that. (I hardly ever drink coconut milk and this is the first time I've had coconut yoghurt). Most yoghurt makes the dark undereye circles even worse. Last time I ate Activia yoghurt over 2 years ago, the family thought somebody hit my in my eyes!

                      I would normally eat less chicken but I don't have enough money to buy more read meat, so I'm rationing what I have left!
                      Curry powder is also a recent addition for me. I've avoided spices for months and still don't eat nightshades.

                      I can also calculate the total amount of supplements if needed.

                      Thanks for your help.
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                        I was just wondering if you could be suffering from histamine intolerance? I'm just looking into this as I think I may have a mild case of this...and it looks as though a fair number of foods you eat (including the fermented ones) are quite high in histamine.

                        Chris Kresser has written some interesting stuff about it if you're interested in finding out more.


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                          Originally posted by spuggygirl View Post
                          I was just wondering if you could be suffering from histamine intolerance? I'm just looking into this as I think I may have a mild case of this...and it looks as though a fair number of foods you eat (including the fermented ones) are quite high in histamine.

                          Chris Kresser has written some interesting stuff about it if you're interested in finding out more.
                          Yep, I've looked into that too. I took something for this last year ( a holistic practitioner told me this could be related to dark circles) but that did nothing.

                          I took these: Victoria Health - leaders in vitamins, herbal supplements, skincare and haircare products : Aller-DMG

                          They actually dried out my skin and I had to stop taking them halfway through.

                          I definitely wonder about the Sauerkraut because it's a histamine and FODMAP but if I take this out, I'm not getting food based probiotics and it's so yummy!

                          I completely understand that eliminating foods may help, but I feel like I'm already on something of a strict diet. It seems like there is a problem with every food!
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                            too little of it
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                              Try dropping sauerkraut for a few days and see if that's it. Sauerkraut, particularly in combination with some other foods is a deadly bloater, lol. Try cucumbers/radishes with some vinegar instead as a crunchy snack.

                              As for inflamatory pimples, I get those the moment I touch anything with fructose, fruit, honey (deadly!) or sweet potato.

                              Now, i know, that severely limts your already limited choices, but maybe some stuff tyou have eliminated ain't that bad?
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