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    Hi! I’m very new to the primal lifestyle and I have a question about fats. I understand that they are an important part of this lifestyle and I want to make sure I am getting a good balance. I am concerned because I only eat fish & foul and truthfully – mostly foul. No mammals of any kind and as for fish - I have not yet located a reasonably reliable source for wild that is within my budget - so it's a rare occasion kind of thing. Therefore – what I do eat tends to be very lean. I have read different postings on this – some say animal fat is a must and others say lean is okay. Given my limited diet – what kinds of things would you all suggest adding in to keep a good balance? As of right now – I’ve focused on coconut oil, some extra-virgin olive oil, avocados, eggs, some nuts/nut butters (but these seem to upset my stomach if I eat on a regular basis) and I am definitely okay with dairy (I switched to grass-fed only butters and grass-fed cheeses and the occasional heavy-cream). Is this enough to keep a good balance?

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    There are fatty fishes like salmon and mackarel that are good for you. And bake in real butter or coconut oil to add fat. You can also melt some butter, or drizzle olive oil, over your vegetables.
    And eat olives, pieces of coconut, cheese as well.


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      thanks! yup - i do use plenty of coconut oil. ive used it as a moisturizer and hair repair therapy for years - long before switching to primal. for now - fatty fish (wild fish) happens on rare circumstances. i guess my question really is - am i getting enough quality fat to have all the happy advantages of being primal? is the super lean meat enough and veggie fat sources providing the same benefits?


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        The major benefit of primal is quitting grains, refined sugar, bad oils and soy products, so you'll have that advantage.

        With real butter and full fat dairy you will be getting some good animal fats. I eat frozen wild salmon because it is less expensive as fresh fish, and you can add canned sardines as well. If you can't find wild fish you can afford have some farmed fish, it is always better than grains.
        Eggs also have fat and plenty of healthy (micro)nutrients (an egg contains all that is needed to build a small animal). And do you eat broth?
        So as long as you get enough healthy fats to feel satiated you'll be fine. Don't overdo the nuts so the omega 6 - omega 3 ratio stays good.

        You'll have to test on yourself (it differs per person) the ratios protein, carbs and fat. Start with mark's recommendations and tweak if necessary.


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          By fowl, do you mean mostly boneless, skinless chicken breasts? Because the whole bird, roasted with the skin on, has ample fat, especially if you make good work of the drippings for gravy
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            Yep sounds good and eat the skin too - plenty of good fat there.
            Eat full fat mature cheese and Greek yogurt (10% fat).


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              Bulletproof coffee will get you a crap load of healthy animal fat daily.

              The problem with chicken is that it's very high in Omega 6 and is probably the lowest quality meat you have the choice of eating.
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                good info,So as long as you get enough healthy fats to feel satiated you'll be fine. Don't overdo the nuts so the omega 6