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  • Jerky/Pemmican suggestions

    I've been really really wanting to try out some home-made jerky and pemmican, but I have neither the time nor the necessary kitchen space. Anybody have any suggestions out there for primal friendly jerky and pemmican for sale? All the jerky in the grocery store, naturally, is loaded with corn syrup and other stuff I'd prefer to avoid.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The best all-natural jerky I have tried is Chip's American Jerky ( It's beef. I also tried a buffalo jerky recently, but I forget the brand name...sorry.
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      Try some of this stuff:

      I've met Andy (the "A" in A & J) and been to the facility where they make the stuff. He's a stand up guy who's proud of his product and definitely knows how to make some tasty jerky. I've tried the original, mild, and spicy versions and loved them...not sure if I could handle the "fire". Another plus is that they use Australian beef which from what I can tell is from pastured cattle. It's also less than half the price than the Chip's American. Man...they are gonna owe me some free jerky after this plug.

      Anyway, I'm a jerky fanatic so let's keep this thread goin. I need some more variety in my jerky selection.


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        Jacked Jerky

        Seriously, the best beef jerky I have ever had. Order some online and it will be at your house in like 2 days. SO FREAKING GOOD.

        They use grass fed beef, homemade spices and they hand cut and hand pick all the jerky.

        You're welcome <3


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          US Wellness sells primal pemmican. I have some at home. Can't say I would opt to eat the stuff in a non-emergency situation but I do plan to toss it in my pack when I go snowmobiling this winter as my just in case. The flavor isn't bad (a bit bland).
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            Just take a look around your grocery store or an ethnic one... I have no patience to make my own but I did manage to find one that's paleo.


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              Epic protein bars, you can get them online. It is really easy to make jerky at home, especially if you have a dehydrator. Jerky and dehydrated fruits are great to have on hand for busy days, to take to work, or when traveling.