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  • Critique my diet :)

    Hey everyone, I would like to ask you a few questions on my diet:
    To start off, I'm typically a 2-meal a day eater; simply because i like to fill my appetite level (high) and separate meals so i actually feel hungry when I eat.
    For breakfast i usually will eat some bacon & eggs, often with cream and cottage cheese, maybe some vegetables or some leftover dinner, and because it is fairly expensive, I made a muesli sort of thing with: quinoa, amaranth, rice flakes, a bit of oats, shredded coconut, cranberries, goji berries (it has maybe too many berries i think), pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds. I add a handful of mixed nuts on the top and pour in some milk.
    For dinner it is usually a form of protein and i try to max out veggies. Sometimes there is a starch (potato or rice) and for dessert one or 2 fruits with yoghurt. Often have cheese as an 'appetizer' before dinner
    I typically do 2.5hrs of sport (45 min crossfit session included) 4 days, and work a job with regular lifting 2 days a week. School the rest of time.
    Details: A 17 year old male, athletic and fairly low BF (scale says 8% but i honestly think more 14 or so). My fat resides a lot on my lower chest and lower back.
    My 'look' seems to fluctuate a lot, sometimes i will seemingly have lost fat, and sometimes i will look chubby.
    I also have a lot of acne and inflammation marks (not quite scars, but red spots)
    I had a urine and blood test today, so I will report the results when I get them
    I love to cook, and I'm not afaid of trying anything new
    I also get regular sleep (although i wake up every night to pee, which does have an effect)

    My questions are:
    • What do you think about what I eat? Any changes recommended?
    • I eat a lot of dairy, much more than what is recommended probably, but I don't know what I could use to replace the calorie count because of its cheapness. And does that mean I will have to cut out butter and cream too? I'm planning on maybe stopping dairy to see what it does for weight management, gas/bloating and acne
    • If i do take things out from my diet, what kind of fats could I add in to measure up cals?
    • As I'm a big eater, are there any other big eaters out there with what to eat for real satisfaction?
    • I'd also like to gain some muscle mass, but if i eat too much, I do gain fat, not muscle.
    • Anything else you would like to add?

    Thank you very much
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    Originally posted by tibofox View Post
    • Anything else you would like to add?
    You are (from what you tell us) young, fit and healthy. Just eat healthy (80% primal foods) when ever you feel hungry or on a naturally settled into routine. You don't have to "consciously" hijack a well functioning sub conscious system (food intake) that thrives on its own, given the right conditions (primal foods). The only reason people might need to consiously intervene (and waste alot of their precious "consious real estate") is when they have chronic conditions to fix (like obesity, arthritus etc) or they are involved in a hobby (body building etc) that requires daily diet tweaking.

    If you've already got your body in its optimal zones, just eat healthy dude.
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