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Questions, Questions...Hormonal imbalances, weight set point?

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  • Questions, Questions...Hormonal imbalances, weight set point?

    First of all information about me:
    135-137llbs at 166cm (5,5")
    Eating 1500 cals for weight loss and slightly cycling carbs to activity level
    activity level: Weight training 4 days a week plus commuting by bike an average 25-30 miles a week.
    I have been an active person for many years, weight training as well as previous crossfitting.
    I have over the past few years averaged at the same weight which is 135-137llbs and every time i have attempted to lose body fat, I've done very well for the first month and lost a few inches as well as a few pounds and then without any changes whatsoever my weight creeps back up to the 135-137llbs that I began with....It is not one of those cases that i get fed up and binge, nope,,nothing changes apart from in one week to the next I have gained all the lost weight.

    Additional info: I have been on thyroid meds for 13 years with no problems. Also I have also been having unexplained night sweats for year Been checked for vit D, adrenal, Cortisol, kidney, liver etc...everything normal..

    Do I have a set weight and size that my body wants to stay at? or are my hormones out of whack?

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    Did you try Shangri La? A set point problem can be helped by it. Also, depending on your age and your childbearing status it simply can be the case of the comfortable body at a comfortable fat level. The Why Women Need Fat is a disheartening read for the womanhood.
    There are ways you can power through and drop the weight, drastic ones, but holding it down will be very hard.
    You can look at the things like predominant fats and proteins in your diet, and do elimination attempts, working on various food groups and triggers, like sugar, fructose, starch, salt, dairy, legumes, O6, red meats to see if your satiation level can be changed o you are happy/healthy on less food.
    You can also experiment with doing only low intensity activity for a few months to see if it gradually reduces appetite and prompts weight loss.
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      That sounds like an ideal weight if you ask me.

      Also, if you eat too few calories for too long you will not be doing your body any favors. You will harm yourself over the long run and make it ever harder to lose and maintain your weight. Not to mention lead yourself toward fun stuff like osteoporosis and whatnot.
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        Can you get your hormones tested? That's what night sweats say to me, that you have a hormonal imbalance.

        I do wonder, with your activity level (and not knowing your age or body comp), how much you really "need" to lose. I am 5'6" and around 130 lbs. I'm hoping to gain at least 5 more lbs of muscle. I don't know how low my body fat percentage is, but I wear a US size 6 in pants and small or medium shirts (have wide shoulders, so it depends on the brand). I wore a size 4 in pants when I was closer to 120 lbs, but had very little muscle then.
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          I am going to my GP soon to get my hormones tested but I am not sure what my doctor will do will do with a hormonal imbalance. They usually just give medication.