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  • 1 week so far.

    Well I've made it just past a week eating as PB as I can. First week I felt sleepy allot. No lack of energy as I was always up to some thing, but when night time came I was out in 60 seconds. For week two I feel less hungry.. not for food, just hungry to eat for the sake of eating. First week I did whey shakes at first with milk but then later coconut milk just to "eat something" almost twice a day. Now on week two I only do one.
    Even drinking tea with no sugar and not doing bad with that. Last night I was even up and active way past every one's bedtime.
    During week one my cheats were:
    1/2 can soda ( not diet )
    1/2 slice sourdough bread
    1/2 wheat bun.
    1/2 cup cold bean salad ( I made it a week prior to starting PB )
    With all that I may have still lost 2 pounds.. not sure if it is fat or water just yet.

    For week two I just plan on coasting through with less "cheats" and by week three I'm going to try and figure out a food variety and modest calorie goals per meal so I can dump about 30 pounds.

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    I'd bail those cheats now. It just makes the whole switch take longer. I was dizzy until my buddy told me to cut fruit entirely (around week two).


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      OK good point. I don't feel the need to "cheat" so far this week. Matter of fact my need for food or to eat is going down slowly. I did have modest amounts of fruit and was planning on getting stuff like figs and prunes but if going just meat eggs and veggies will make things work better than I'll start changing my food planning. Plus it's one less thing to calculate calories and portions on.


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        Count calories? Eat if you're hungry, don't if you're not.


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          Originally posted by barryman9000 View Post
          Count calories? Eat if you're hungry, don't if you're not.
          Only reason I want to count the calories is to get an idea how much I'm eating. I've been looking back at past meals that I thought were pretty big and have found they had far LESS calories than I thought.


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            My feelings on this are to eat strict Paleo/Primal for 30 days. No cheats, and no tinkering. Don't count calories, don't moderate carbs/fruit. Personally, I think going strict paleo is best, then phasing in things that are limited by paleo but not by primal.

            If you're eating 100% meat, veg, fruit, nuts, and seeds, then you're doing a-okay. Get that locked down before counting cals, carbs, or adding cheats.