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  • Need ideas for trip

    I'm going to Oaxaca, Mexico May 3, doing a homestay for Spanish school. I will be eating breakfast and supper with the family, lunch on my own. I mentioned to them in an email that I can't eat grains or sugars because I have to seriously watch my blood sugar - figured if I made it sound like a medical condition would be easier, and really, it's the truth - and they are fine with that, so I foresee egg breakfasts with a little veg or fruit, and suppers of salads mostly with some meat or cheese. Lunch will be easier.

    But I am quite certain I won't be getting much meat/protein. I'm wondering, should I try not to worry about that too much and just find ways to sneak more fat in to keep the appetite in check (and not get too neurotic about food)? Snack packages of nuts are easy to find but I can't recall too many other easy options. Or maybe I just stay away from grains and sugar and don't worry about beans and stuff, since it's only two weeks. (we do know where there's a gym there plus we walk for hours every day, so that's good). I guess I'm not quite sure what I'm asking, I'm just a little worried. Thanks.

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    Wow, I bet they loved getting that e-mail. lol I would at least be curious about what they eat down there and want to sample their diet and see how it's working for them. I would also wonder about the extent that HFCS has invaded their fridges and food stuffs.


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      Oaxaca is known as the culinary capital of Mexico. We were there for a couple of weeks in February and had some amazing food. There's a lot of street food, including fresh fruit cut up in spears and sprinkled with a salt & chili pepper mixture or little bags of ready to eat jicama - there are a lot of healthy things. Also, it is "mole" central, with 7 different types - I was surprised to discover there are moles that don't have any chocolate (unsweetened of course). There is also an amazing soup called pozole, which was an Aztec thing - almost entirely meat, different kinds, with some corn but it's huge chewy kernels that I think are lime-treated or something, not normal corn.

      On the other hand, in all the little shops there's nothing but packages, the usual chips and stuff but also just TONS of little "cakes" and other pastry-ish items.

      The family I'm staying with has 3 daughters - 1 in high school, 1 in med school, 1 a psychologist. Should be an interesting stay. The one I'm in contact with says her mother is an excellent cook, so it may not have bothered them at all.


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        You can get fajitas and ignore the bread. Or burritos and tacos made to order and only eat the inside (meat with some veggies). Burritos are not supposed to include the rice and beans inside (these are side dishes which are incorporated into the burrito only in the US). Tamales and quesadillas are also good options, although the cheese in the quesadillas is usually bound to the bread from melting (and is dairy). There's also huevos rancheros (eggs Ranch-style).

        The meat and veggies these dishes may have been fried in vegetable oil, though, so consider whether this may be an issue. I'd add omega 3 sources to the diet just in case, along with some coconut oil or other good fats.
        Another issue is that you'll be ignoring a significant portion of these dishes (rice, beans and tortillas) so you may need to order more than one portion at a time or you may have to explain yourself if doing so in company of other people.


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          Eating primal in Oaxaca is a snap. The food is fabulous. I never had fajitas, burritos OR tacos - very little, in fact, that you would get in a "Mexican" restaurant here. Highlight and one of the best meals of my life, Chiles en Nogada at the restaurant Like Water for Chocolate - unreal. I just made it here today for brunch - needs some tweaking to get it like we had it there, but not too difficult.