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Please Help: Husband died recently from heart attack

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    So sorry for your family's loss! Keep the kids away from as much processed as possible! Sending prayers to you and your kids!


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      Originally posted by KimchiNinja View Post
      Easier to say what not to feed them -- sugar and white flour.
      I would add processed oils to that and then be satisfied with that list.

      To the OP - I am so very sorry for your loss. But I find it amazing that you are already trying to make something good come from the tragedy. Keeping yourself and your children healthy would be a lovely honor to your husband.

      For the children, I would allow them to eat any unprocessed foods they want. Meat, veggies, fruit, potatoes, nuts....all healthy and satisfying for children and adults. If you can keep them off the fast food-doritos-sugary snack every five minutes- diet that most kids are on you will be doing them a great service.

      For testing, it is a big black box for kids. Doctors are now testing the cholesterol of small children and some are even recommending statins for teens. Personally, I would hold off on that stuff until they are older and then request a coronary calcium scan (or whatever new test is available to assess inflammation/blockage in the arteries).

      Remember, the tests and strategies for dealing with this stuff will get better and better with time. So do you best to take care of your family, but don't feel resigned to fear this your whole life.
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        I would avoid nut and seed oils, processed sugar - especially corn syrup, and processed foods in general. Those three things will keep you healthy.

        Stress reduction is huge with CHD, so teaching your children how to cope with anger and stress and how to take time out to rest and care for themselves will give them the tools they need to get through their grief as well as stay healthy for the rest of their lives.

        Hugs and love to you and your family.
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          I try to feed my child a wide variety of meats and seafood, so there is no overload on the same kind. I think she regulates the intake naturally. Some days she can't have enough meat, others - she will only take a few bites. She does not like skin and fat on meats, so I do not insist on her eating it. I think it is important to have a lot of seafood available along with meat.

          I do load freezer every year with grass-fed beef, heritage raised pork, source chickens from the farm that do not use antibiotics and force-feeding. The decision about red meat is hard when you are concerned about heart disease. However, to be honest, poultry seems worse to be honest in the grand scheme of things than grass-fed beef. Fish and seafood for me are ideal foods, but they are awfully expensive and I can't see my child doing only sea-food, though she LOVES shrimp, will eat some salmon or tilapia if it is a whole fish (no fillets)

          Lately, the rule of thumb seems to be: less red meat UNLESS it is grass-fed. Because of the grass-fed clause, I would not eat pork very often. I consider not ordering a pig this year, and instead just have beef and lamb. It is a hard pick because I make lard and bacon myself from the pig. But the O3/O6 worries me where pork is concerned. I do not eat it myself, but my folks love it. So, hard choices.

          I also think that it is important to source O6 eggs if you are not in the part of the country where the chickens can forage on grass a year long.
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