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Back up two pounds?

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  • Back up two pounds?

    I am female, 29, 5'5", 139# and 24% body fat per the max muscle body fat scale so who knows if that is accurate. I want to lose body fat and was excited to see a two pound loss but can a two pound change just be a fluctuation? How can I really tell if I am losing fat...with a tape measure I guess? Also I won't be keeping a journal this week as I'm on vacation but will be mindful of what I eat. I know I haven't eaten 100% primal, if you look at my journal am I veering off too much to make a difference? (Probably)

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    Yes, when you are at that BF range, the scale alone cannot tell the story. Measure neck at the base, waist line, hips, thighs, bicep and any area that has a fat buldge.

    Try not to veer. Veer leads to more veer.
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