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    Thanks to all...I am about 20 lbs over my "Actuarial weight", and I never listen to my wife...I'm a guy. I just began to watch her eat out of curiosity. I would say" eye of round and a little braised greens tonight..want some? and she would say nah..I had a big lunch today, still full".....And I started seeing that I ate out of habit the old dr. Pepper thing 10-2-4 no matter what. I watched all the lions on TV get almost distended with meat, their instincts knowing the next meal could be missed or stolen.

    but I work all day. If I ate till I was satiated or over that I'd never see a patient all day. I'd be asleep. So I asked myself..If Grok ate what he killed and then hunted again knowing he might not eat tomorrow, then where is the median place? My CRON wife has eaten when she is hungry only for years. She says she never eats till she is satiated. So there must be something to not eating till satiation. Imo, This is extremely hard to do when you are on a "fixed" three meals a day schedule. This intermittent fasting looks interesting and I am reading the thread. I eat fairly low carb because I feel, like the person who said this here" I like veggies, I just don't feel obligated to them.

    There is great stuff here to think about...This am I ate 3eggs and some bacon and a half an apple 9:00. My wife just asked where will we eat today? I can't think about food, but if i went with her, I know I would eat. Is that just poor impulse control? I don't think so. But I don't know what it is other than habit. Fixing this will be tougher than fixing what I eat.

    thanks for helping me to figure it out


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      I often think about that predatory instinct. For me, the notion of sitting down to eat but stopping short of fullness is the most demoralizing, cruel, unlivable thing ever. When people discuss 5-6 mini-meal plans it sounds like a vision of hell.

      So I don't do it. Unfortunately my stomach could probably handle 3+ feasts a day but I know I only need 1 so I eat 1, and it tastes better with the mild appetite. Eating ~10 times a week might be seriously alarming to other people but I figure most people who eat poorly are conforming to modern culture so maybe we need to discard some of that.

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        Originally posted by ajm422 View Post
        I'd just like to endorse pklopp's writing. I eat one meal a day because it's the only sustainable form of calorie restriction I've ever encountered. If I ever eat food before 4:00 PM, it literally ruins my day. I know it's silly to think of it in black and white terms like that, but past experience dictates that this is true for me.

        Whenever I eat breakfast or brunch, I'm hungry for the rest of the day. I've tried three meals a day and it made me fat. When the recommendation became "grazing" or 4-6 meals a day, I just laughed. I like a big meal. Right weight or skinny or fat, I can eat like a male construction worker. If I did this three times a day, I'd weigh as much also - not good for a five foot five female. What I do is plan my eating just like any other to-do list. I plan my big meal (supper), and plan coffee or snacks around that. I get 50%+ of my calories from my main meal. It sounds hard, but it really isn't. It's just a matter of habit. Do it for six weeks, and bam! - it's a habit.
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          Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
          I like a big meal. Right weight or skinny or fat, I can eat like a male construction worker. If I did this three times a day, I'd weigh as much also...
          I can so identify with this.


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            Originally posted by picklepete View Post
            I dislike military discipline but knowing I have the ability to comfortably adjust to any schedule is an important positive signifier IMO.
            This is one of my favorite things about the way my eating schedule has changed. I can not eat at a time when I might usually eat, and while I may be hungry, I'm not uncomfortable and function perfectly normally. When I began losing weight, my most desperate wish was to not care about food so much. Feeling as if any meal is truly optional is such a relief.

            I do think fasting is good for me and I like the way it makes me feel. I'm not interested in craving it the way I used to crave food, so I'm not dogmatic about any kind of schedule. I skip breakfast and sometimes lunch on the weekends. I skip breakfast once or twice a week during the work week and have a small late breakfast and a small late lunch the other days. I have come to really dislike the feeling of being stuffed, so dinner is rarely more than 1200 calories and often less. At an average of 1700 cal/day, I'm still slowly losing weight without feeling like I'm depriving myself. That feels really nice. I may try longer than 20 hr fasts at some point. I don't know. Right now I'm just enjoying being at a normal weight, eating a normal amount of food and feeling no stress over any of it. I keep thinking "this is what thin people feel like their whole lives!"
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              Frankly I cant do one meal. never could if i want to keep going at work. i eat a big ass breakfast, on the order of 10 oz steak 4 eggs fried in butter and a handful of leafy greens I eat this at 6 30 am before my trip to work. i can skip lunch if I want to but by 2 pm I am fried. no go juice left. sometimes hungry sometimes not but well cooked. Then I eat a small supper round 7 30 pm and go to bed by 10 pm.

              When I get hungry I get a sharp unpleasant pain in my belly. it hurts and I get a drained feeling like my arms are too heavy this happens around 2 30 pm if I skip lunch. How do you eat 1 big meal a day if you work on your feet lifting and moving like I do all day?

              Skip breakfast and I am useless by noon.

              Do you one meal a day types sit at a desk all day?
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                WELL... more great stuff for me to think about. I have tried "listening to my stomach", but when it gets hungry I might be with a patient or in the middle of a long walk. I am trying to listen to my body's signals, but there has been so many years of habit that the "noise" is muted.

                Small example. at 4:00 yesterday I was at a party. Ate some pulled pork and some chicken. Got home watched some late news, went to bed. Got up at my usual time and did a few kettle bells. not much just some core lifts in the garage. I am now drinking coffee. STILL FULL.

                By the time I get out of early church my stomach will be gurgling and what WB was talking about. Then I will get some "lunch" and the overwhelming feeling to eat a ton of food is firmly printed in my brain. I now feel like the lion. But if I want to be productive this afternoon and not sleep or watch golf, I have to fight that urge, as cruel as it might be, to fully satiate myself. If I don't overeat, as I call it, then before 5:00 I'll need to eat again. So, so far I am able to listen to my body's music, but the answer still eludes me. I do see this as years of pattern eating.

                Additionally, I do sit in a dental chair all day in an office, and I could, if I didn't have exercise/weights in the late afternoon, eat an avocado and a some nuts and feel fine. A lot of the time this is what I do. WHen others are leaving for lunch, I am taking a 40 minute nap, waking and having a cup of tea, and then continuing to work.

                Educated as a problem solver, I am feeling very frustrated with this problem. It does not fit in a neat little box. I am glad to see the wide range of comments, as I feel others are searching for "HOW TO EAT" patterns that suit them.

                Thanks for all the posts


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                  How have you been faring?


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                    Interesting thread.

                    I work the night shift. I eat breakfast anytime between 9AM and noon. It's relatively light, usually some eggs and 2-3 strips of bacon. I'm going to see about changing it to steak and eggs occasionaly.
                    At work, our dinner is at 8PM (although I could do it anytime if I wanted).
                    just a few weeks ago, it wasn't uncommon for me to stop for fast food on my way to work, about 3PM.

                    Now, sometimes I get hungry between BF and dinner. That's when I snack. Jerky, apple/banana, walnuts, perhaps a strawberry. If I feel any hunger after dinner, I snack on the same things, or have a salad if I didn't already eat it for dinner.

                    Sometimes I feel want MORE, though.