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  • Ratios???

    I do not know what my ratios should be, my main goal right now is to loose some weight and build muscle. I am working out and eating PB, but i just dont know what my ratios should be. Thanks

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    You will want your ratios to stay fairly consistent with a minimum of 60% fat, 30% protein, and 10% or less from carbs. Since you are trying to loose weight keep carbs below 100g, and protein at 1-1.3g per lean pound of body weight. Round out the rest of you diet with PB fats...


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      What kansascitysteve said, and a caveat: if you want to drop carbs further, increase fats in response, not protein.
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        Make protein your base. 45-55% protein, 30-40% fat, 10-25% carbs are probably the most efficient ratios for losing weight, specifically body fat. But you need to make sure that your calorie use is exceeding your calorie need. A very basic rule is 10-12 calories/lb to lose weight.


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          ok great thank you. that is more or less what i have been doing with the information i have found on the forum. Just good to know that im on the right track.


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            ^ so - which one of the recommendations do you prefer? One was high protein, the other one was high fat. Personally, I'd go with the latter - don't eat too much protein, since your body can convert excess protein to glucose (carbs). In a nutshell: Eat few carbs, adequate protein and quite some fat. I would recommend something along 10% carbs, 30% protein and 60% fat, with protein around 150gr/day if you're a tall man who is working out regularly ... a bit less if you're smaller and working out less, a bit more if your first name is Arnold. ;-)
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              I workout at least five days a week (crossfit style) My protein may be alittle high and not enough fat. Not sure really what fats i need to be eating. Thanks