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  • Increased sleep need

    Back when I was eating a high-carb diet I had to go to bed after 13 hours of waking up, minimum. Now I feel very sleepy after just 11 hours.

    I follow a segmented sleep pattern:
    Segmented Sleep | Polyphasic Society

    However, that's hardly the reason as I've following it for a while, it must have something to do with the diet. As far as I've read, high-carb promotes "awakeyness" and low-carb apparently makes people sleepier.

    Of course, this may increase my sleep quality, but it is a bit strange. Any info about this?

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    Maybe your body's trying to get you onto a cycle of waking up earlier, with the sun, by making you sleepier earlier at night? When I ate SAD I used to stay up into the wee hours, but now I'm not able to or motivated to; if I have a lot of work to do, I just go to sleep and get up early and do it. If I get in the habit of sleeping in (for me that means sleeping til 9 or 9:30) I feel like my body does everything it can to get be back onto a pattern of in bed by 10, awake by 7 or 7:30.