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Evening Primrose Oil & Gamma Linolenic Acid

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  • Evening Primrose Oil & Gamma Linolenic Acid

    I have heard some great benefits of Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) in aiding digestion and increasing skin health- specifically helping with eczema. The main fatty acid in EPO is Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is an Omega 6. However, this Omega 6 has anti-inflammatory qualities, so it's not like the "bad" Omega 6. The question is, if I take this, do I need to balance it out by also taking a fish oil for it's omega 3? Is that too much fatty acid? My diet is all very primal- all grass fed, tons of fresh greens, fish, no grains or processed foods or oils so I definitely don't have an abundance of omega 6. Anyone have experience?