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  • Yet Another Question on IF

    Hey guys,

    I'm very keen to implement IF but want to know would consuming some coconut oil in the morning or having bulletproof coffee constitute breaking the IF protocol. I know that Martin from leangains say that tea or coffee with a little milk is okay but a big dose of fat is something completely different. I prefer to have coconut oil in the morning as having it too late in the day keeps me awake for some reason.

    Cheers in advance.

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    Pure fat won't affect insulin. Coconut oil can be used to reduce the stress (if any) since it quickly feeds the brain and reduces glucose demand. I think Paul Jaminet mixes it with spinach and lemon juice to have something to munch on without interrupting the autophagic benefits.

    However, all energy goes somewhere so it will cost you some fat loss--the amount matters.

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      Read pklopp's articles on IF. Coconut oil (CO) is your best bet but then, you will be using exogenous fat (what you ingest) and endogenous fat (from your fat store). You can definitely go without any fat at all in the course of the day until your one single meal (I am having black coffee only - my wife prefers with a little WC and CO so YMMV ). CO's medium chain trigs will be converted to ketones by your liver, it will not go to your fat store but why not have ketones produced from your own fat instead ? (Dairy fat has some MCTs as well but much less than CO). What I personally do is black coffee in the morning, rooibos tea throughout the day, then one rather filling meal in the evening. I upped my carbs ("safe starches" and fruits) after 7 months on a VLC diet which helped shed my bulk body fat. I do IF "a la pklopp" because it feels just right! Today I will skip dinner entirely (2 days fast) and have some very low cal bouillon / broth instead.


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        I do black coffee and tea through the day, but I'm partial to the occasional cup of Chai and that's rather stronger and more bitter than the other teas I do, so I usually put a spoon of CO in with that to offset the bitterness (tannins?).
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