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Vegetarian diet on days when you can't afford quality meat?

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    Look around MDA. Notice the buff young guy, Mark's son. Lifelong vegetarian. Notice the beautiful woman who looks to be in her 30s, Mark's wife, nearly 60. Eats seafood a few times a week.
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      Originally posted by picklepete View Post
      I believe the proteins in gelatin are complementary to meat, so having some bone soup/stew, pork rinds, or dessert made with plain gelatin might work well alongside dishes that use smaller meat portions like salad/stirfry/curry.
      A tablespoon of gelatin will set up 2 cups of liquid to a jello-like consistency. There are 3 tablespoons to an ounce. So to get the equivalent of an ounce of gelatin, you would need to consume 6 cups of soup that congeals to the consistency of jello.


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        I eat eggs and sardines almost every day even though I bought a side a grass-fed beef. I wouldn't feel good eating that much meat at every meal. And, eggs are cheap.

        For gelatin, eKatherine is right that doing a traditional jello dish isn't going to yield much protein per serving. I eat two tablespoons per day. In the AM, I heat up bone broth while stirring one TB of gelatin with an ounce of cold water for a minute. Then pour the hot broth over and stir it up. Fits in a coffee cup and is pretty filling, though not a full portion of protein. Probably 10 gms. At night, I stir together a TB of gelatin with some powdered Mexican cocoa, add the cold water, then pour hot water over that to blend.

        You need to stir the powdered elements with cold water 1st, then add hot liquid to avoid making sludgy gelatin paste.


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          If you have an option of buying offal and stuff like pork feet, hocks, etc, you can cook large and satiating batches of jellied meats. Also, already suggested option of stretching your meat into soups and stews.
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            Buy the best you can afford and don't lose sleep over it. Shop the sales and stock your freezer.

            We buy grass fed beef by the 1/4 or 1/2, eat whatever game hubby hunts, and still fill in the gaps with grocery store chicken and pork on sale. I still think grocery store meat on sale is more economical, satiating and nutrient dense than grocery store dairy like cottage cheese.

            You'll do more for your health by adding fish, avocado and pastured eggs -- and removing grains, legumes, seed oils, processed meats and HFCS -- than you will by fretting over the O3:O6 ratio of the meat you eat.
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              I try to eat meat that lived Paleo lives, meaning they lived a pastured life and ate their native diets. Most of the meat in grocery stores contains growth hormones, antibiotics and other drugs, definitely not Paleo in my opinion. If I can't afford high quality meats then I usually eat canned wild line caught fish like salmon and sardines or eggs from free range chickens.
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