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Using ketosis to deal with excess phlegm. I'd be grateful to get feedback

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    To anyone who might still be reading, I read this on wikipedia about adenoid problems. Could this effect those of us with mucus issues??

    "Adenoid infection may cause symptoms such as excessive*mucus*production, which can be treated by its removal. Studies have shown that adenoid regrowth occurs in as many as 20% of the cases after removal."

    Adenoid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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      Originally posted by Sabre View Post
      Interesting, ok that makes sense. But at the same time, couldn't I be a carrier of the most common gene, even if it's probably more likely--if I am indeed a carrier--that I'd have one of the rarer mutations?

      Isn't the sweat test only able to determine if you have full blown CF, rather than just testing whether you're a carrier?

      Sorry for bombarding you with questions
      I misunderstood, you want to see if you're a carrier, that makes sense. And I believe you are correct the sweat test is only determine if you have CF.
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        I spit once in the morning and when I brush my teeth at night.

        In the morning it is usually the byproduct of being in ketosis, it's not phlegm though.

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          To anyone who's interested, gleamed from some good websites here's a pretty thorough list of possible causes. (In my case I can exclude many of these from the list, and the goal is to narrow it down the exact cause.)

          Causes of Mucus buildup
          1.*Acute Bronchitis
          5.*Atrophic rhinitis
          6.*Chronic infections
          7.*Cystic Fibrosis
          8.*Food Additive Adverse reaction -- MSG
          9.*Food Additive Adverse reaction -- amines
          10.*Food Additive Adverse reaction -- food additives

          Mucus buildup - Symptom Checker - check medical symptoms at RightDiagnosis

          And here are some types of nasal obstructions that could contribute:
          Adenoid Hypertrophy*(Very Common)
          Turbinate Hypertrophy*(Common)
          Significant Deviated Septum*(Uncommon)
          Nasal Polyps*(Uncommon)
          Infection*(upper respiratory illness and/or*bacterial*infections) (Common)
          Rarely, genetic conditions like*cystic fibrosis*and*immotile ciliary syndrome
          Rarely, anatomic conditions such as*choanal atresia
          Rarely, a sino-nasal tumor