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Please help my poor fat husband

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    Originally posted by PaleoMum View Post
    I'm reluctant to encourage him to eat carbs. A couple of years ago his mum got ill and he was very stressed and started eating potatoes and gained STONES.
    Vlc (very low carb) with more fat and less protein would probably be the ticket, then. He sounds very carb sensitive.

    I am doing vlc and am loving it! Never hungry and lots of energy after the initial adaptation. Since he is already eating low carb, this should be an easy adjustment.

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      One of the advantages of tracking is can know where he is starting from and then see how each of these things affect him, both in his calorie intake and in his psychology and keep tweaking. It's not like one is going to be The Answer, they are all ways to tweak that he can keep working with until he finds what is right. If he is VLC, just eating one banana or apple a day is a HUGE shift... Upping carbs is a tiny tweak, not a huge shift.
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        I spent a lifetime trying to lose weight but finally did so keeping carbs low. I also found that to some extent, calories do matter. I don't believe it is possible (at least for me) to eat primal without also keeping my calories in an appropriate range for my height. Exercise in any form helps as well. I started at none and have increased in increments as my body became more able. As someone else suggested, tracking calorie & carb intake as well as calorie expenditure might give him the key.
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          He used to do alternate-day fasting but found he couldn't do that and keep off the carbs. He didn't lose any weight either. I'm doing two-days-a-week fasting so I'm trying to get him to do that but weight loss is VERY slow, like 10lb in 3 months.


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            10 pounds in about three months (so 12 weeks) isn't partiucularly slow weight loss, it is normal weight loss. I'm not sure if you mean you or he lost weight at that rate, but whoever it is, reality about how weight loss works seems called for. 1-2 pounds a week is totally normal, standard, normal weight loss.
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              I suppose you're right. I was talking about myself, and I'm sticking with it. But I don't weigh 250lb!


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                I'm commenting here because this is the greatest thread title in history. I cracked up.

                That being said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. Clearly, "carb control" is not working. I'm guessing he has an excruciatingly high intake of dietary fat, leading to a massive calorie surplus. Remember - fat is most easily stored as fat.

                1.) Cut fat intake substantially and up protein substantially. Protein is more filling than fat, has less than half the calories and is the least difficult to be stored as fat. Raising protein and cutting fat should lead to spontaneous calorie reduction without impacting satiety too much.

                2.) Start lifting. Often. Look into "Starting Strength" and get into a solid routine 3 days a week. I'm a fan of Monday/Wednesday/Friday lifting with some light cardio on Tuesday/Thursday and weekends "off" but with lots of "play."

                That alone should help quite a bit. If he can keep carbs low while dropping fats and adding lifting, that should do a lot. If he is low on energy (and it sounds like he has enough body fat to maintain a healthy deficit well), I prefer carbs to fats because they aren't stored as fat as easily. ACME has eye round for $2.99/lb this week - I just picked up a whole one. I prefer lean red meats for fat loss.
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                  Originally posted by PaleoMum View Post
                  ...but left to his own devices he's not a big herbivore
                  Neither was I, and at 56 years of age (when I started Paleo), I wasn't inclined to change.
                  But as I dove into the lifestyle, I found that variety, as they say, is the spice of life.
                  I learned to use seasoning, to grill and sautee, and mix veggies, which increased the "enjoyability" factor x10!
                  For an example, I despised brussell sprouts! The smell, the taste, no way!

                  The one day, as an experiment, I added some seasonings, and grilled them up on the George Foreman.
                  This made them a bit more crisp, browned them nicely.
                  I used some unsalted butter, pepper, garlic salt and Italian seasonings. Also used some "Everglades Seasonings" (trade name) on one occasions for a different taste).
                  The taste and consistency was great, and the smell was really non-existent.
                  See if making some changes in the veggies makes a difference for him as it did for me.

                  ...although now I come to think of it I believe he often skips lunch and has a big breakfast and big dinner.
                  While IF can be beneficial, regularly skipping meals is usually not a good idea.
                  If he doesn't have time to stop for lunch, at least make a meal replacement shake.
                  Mark puts out a couple of good flavors that mix easily in water with the shaker cup, and they're easily transportable.

                  At least that will help him keep his body fueled, and his body won't start to think it needs to conserve energy (read that fat) to support itself while waiting to be fed again, and skipping meals like that, can lead to ever eating when he does eat.

                  Speaking of which, how late does he usually eat dinner?
                  Eating too late in the evening can have a detrimental effect on weight loss as well.

                  As for the weights, after a lifetime of law enforcement and a dozen years in the military, I have my share of injuries, including back and neck injuries. At the moment, I'm rehabbing an anterior rotator cuff tear.

                  While it is easy to use these injuries as an excuse, the fact remains that there are still things that can be done to get him into better shape.

                  As mentioned by another member above, there are bodyweight movements that can be done.
                  These do not require weights, and from my personal experience, using both free weights and body weight exercises, they are very beneficial.
                  Regardless, doing "something" is always better than doing "nothing."

                  Wish him the best from all of us.
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                    Why is skipping meals regularly a bad idea? I've tried Mark's powder, and would honestly much rather go without than drink my food like that.

                    As for gaining weight on potatoes, if he was eating potatoes on top of everything else (especially if they were buttered or otherwise dressed up) then yes, he would gain weight. That's not a reason to be afraid of them.


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                      The potato hack is insanely useful.
                      It work for me and i am woman, from my own experience what works for
                      us works for men, unfortunately the opposite isn't always truth.
                      i am consuming around 3 pounds of potatoes a day and i lose between half a pound and one.
                      Plain boiled potatoes, often mashed with salt, a bit of cooked tomato sauce,spices.
                      It is quite edible, satiating and if you prepare it in advance so you can eat immediately
                      when hungry it absolutely sustainable.
                      I boil them every morning and the shit works on totally unexplained way.
                      BTW, the first time i tried it didn't work. I was feeling super bad, weak, trembling..
                      Second time i hold on to it and 10 days latter i am 9 pounds lighter.


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                        Before he embarks on any extreme changes in his diet he should get blood work done, check hormones and thyroid in particular.

                        My husband started doing You are Your Own Gym (we got the video) with me and he really likes it.
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                          I second what everyone else has been saying about increasing carbs. It doesn't look like low carb is working for him. If it were working, he would have already lost weight. Some people do not feel satisfied on low carb and eat excess fat and protein to compensate for the lack of carbs. I'm one of those. White potatoes should help. They definitely help curb my appetite. They're the only thing that curbs my appetite. (Thank you, otzi! )

                          I also second the suggestion of getting his hormones checked. If he has thyroid problems, low carb could be a disaster for him.

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                            For me, low carb needs to be all in or don't bother. Switch the tea's milk to heavy whipping cream, cut the nuts, veggies and beer. When you have little things here and there its far too easy to allow totals to creep up unless you are the type to track everything that goes into you. Now with that said there is nothing wrong with letting go for a day 2-3 times a month.

                            I lost 14lbs(283>269) in April doing the Steak&Eggs challenge (see Canuck's thread). It was great for me, I never had to worry about meal planning, it filled me up and I didn't even think about food between meals, and it kept me at a good caloric deficit. Most days I would walk 4-5 miles (2-3 twice a day) and do some lifting at home.

                            If he can't do the complete commitment to it then I'd say listen to Chocotaco and cut back on fat intake. In essence its the same effect of removing all the small portions that add up (cheese, cream, nuts vs milk, nuts, veggies, beer).

                            btw everyone, stop telling people who are +250lbs to get a pullup bar. We can't do pull ups at this point, if we could we wouldn't be asking for help.


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                              Beer. Beer makes you fat, and it keeps you fat. If he really insists, get him some gluten free beer like New Grist.
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                                Or he's not being honest about what's he's really eating.
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